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CoolerMaster CM Storm Sentinel Advance II High Performance Gaming Mouse – Review

As an avid gamer and somebody that spends most of his awake moments around a computer, I really appreciate good equipment, and I recently received CoolerMaster’s latest gaming mouse, the CM Storm Sentinel Advance II model SGM-6010-KLLW1. Based largely on the design of its predecessor, Sentinel Advance, the new mouse comes with an improved sensor, Avago ADNS-9800 capable of providing between 200-8200dpi and double the memory (128KB) of the previous model as well. The OLED display is really nice and a welcome addition as well.

On the paper, the CM Storm Sentinel advance looks amazing, a new sensor capable of 8200dpi, adjustable weight, profiles, OLED display with customizable logo, etc and a price to match all these features (MRRP $59.99 at the time of writing). How does it perform in the real world? We put it immediately through tests and the result is detailed in this CM Storm Sentinel Advance II review. Read More…

CoolerMaster CM Storm Trooper Review – Deluxe Gaming Case

We were fortunate enough to get on of the CoolerMaster’s best looking cases for a review – the CM Storm Trooper, a high grade full tower gaming case with an ambitious design and a price to match ($189.99 retail). On paper, CM Storm Trooper has everything a serious gamer would ever dream to have – a really spacious interior capable of accommodating 8 to 13 drives depending of the chosen configuration, an advanced cooling system, enough space for ATX XL size motherboards and the heftiest graphic cards available plus a well designed cable management system so everything looks nice and clean. Can it provide all it promises? Let’s get into some details in Review Horizon’s CoolerMaster CM Storm Trooper Review. Read More…

Microsoft’s director of game platform strategy goes to Amazon

In an interesting and certainly unexpected turn of events, Microsoft’s director of game platform strategy Andre Vrignaud will go to work for Amazon, leaving Microsoft. While Amazon has announced its intention to somehow enter in game development, how they will do it is up to speculation, since their only in-house electronic device is Kindle (review) with its limited gaming capability.

Andre’s departure from Microsoft will certainly be a blow to the company’s strategy but I am sure Microsoft has a deep enough talent pool to replace him. What is far more interesting at this point is Amazon’s future strategy: Will we see a new Tablet device? A Kindle on steroids with an OLED or LCD screen? something else entirely? Time will certainly tell but it is getting interesting. Apple’s iPad success beside creating a tablet craze has left the entire industry salivating for a similar success story.

$29.99 only for TRENDnet Wireless N Gaming Adapter TEW-647GA

Update: The price is up again!

Amazon has the highly rated TRENDnet TEW-647GA Wireless N Gaming Adapter for only $29.99 with free shipping and no taxes in most of the country (until the next vote changes that). Very low price considering the cheapest found on Google Products is $48. And it works with XBOX 360, so you won’t need to spend all your hard earned cash on the expensive Microsoft wireless adapter.

  • Use it to connect your game console to a high-performance wireless-N network
  • Play online or connect multiple (and different) consoles to play head-to-head
  • Works with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 and 3, Nintendo Wii , Xbox , etc
  • One-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)