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Review Horizon’s $1.49 Classics Collections for Windows 8 App Store

We are happy to announce our upcoming series of Review Horizon Classic Collections to be published on Windows 8 platform and available only in Windows 8 App Store. With over 30 collections already available, the Review Horizon Classic Collections intends to publish all the great names in classic literature in an easy to read format, flexible layout and at an unbeatable price, $1.49 per collection. (Search in Windows 8 App Store for “Review Horizon” for a complete list). Read More…

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3010/3010e 3D Projector Review 2012

1. Introduction

I was thinking for a while to make the transition to 3D, but I held back due to less than satisfactory equipment and experience. Like many, I went around the show rooms and tested various 3D TV sets, only to be disappointed by the viewing experience. While 2D TV is absolutely fine on most TV sizes, to watch 3D you need in my opinion a certain perspective, otherwise it feels like you are watching an aquarium. I wanted to feel like I am being immersed in the 3D scene, and I soon realized there is no way I can achieve my goal with a regular size TV set, so I started looking to some reasonably priced 3D full HD capable projector. Reasonably priced would been the entire setup around $2000, or $2500 at most. After a couple of months of researching (and about the same time spent in convincing my wife that we “need” yet another electronic toy), I bought Epson’s new PowerLite Home Cinema 3010 (3010e version) from Amazon (no taxes in California and they have the lowest price by far), 4 pairs of Panasonic 3D 3rd generation glasses (yes, they are compatible)  and a 120 inches FAVI motorized screen. I put everything together and the impressions will be fully detailed in this Epson 3010 review. Read More…

Nook Tablet Review 2012

Nook Tablet is together with Kindle Fire one of the most eagerly awaited gadgets of the year. Barnes & Noble’s previous tablet, the Nook Color held an important record – the best selling tablet after Apple’s iPad and that is a not an easy feat considering how crowded the tablet market has become. It is obvious though that pricing correctly sells, and the original Nook Color was priced correctly, the HP Touchpad has been priced correctly ( 😀 ) during its fire sale and the current Nook Tablet is also priced correctly at $249. However, it is $50 more than Kindle Fire. Is it worth the extra money? How does it stand against its main competitor from Amazon? These are only some questions we’ll try to answer in this Nook Tablet Review. Read More…

CoolerMaster CM Storm Trooper Review – Deluxe Gaming Case

We were fortunate enough to get on of the CoolerMaster’s best looking cases for a review – the CM Storm Trooper, a high grade full tower gaming case with an ambitious design and a price to match ($189.99 retail). On paper, CM Storm Trooper has everything a serious gamer would ever dream to have – a really spacious interior capable of accommodating 8 to 13 drives depending of the chosen configuration, an advanced cooling system, enough space for ATX XL size motherboards and the heftiest graphic cards available plus a well designed cable management system so everything looks nice and clean. Can it provide all it promises? Let’s get into some details in Review Horizon’s CoolerMaster CM Storm Trooper Review. Read More…

RAIDMAX Seiran computer case review

RAIDMAX has been on a roll recently launching a plethora of good looking cases on a budget (check our Raidmax Helios Review) and their latest addition, Seiran (MSRP $79.99) is even more ambitious than the other members of the family, at least in terms of specifications. Beside the good looks though, more important is the provided space, ventilation system, motherboard form factors that it can accommodate, overall sturdiness and the degree of finishing, etc. We’ll try to cover all these questions and more in our Raidmax Seiran Review and help you make an informed decision, so read along. Read More…

Amazon Kindle Fire Review

Kindle Fire was one of the most eagerly awaited gadgets for this year and Amazon certainly created a lot of noise around it, raising the expectations through the roof. While using the term iPad killer is really inappropriate after so many wannabees, most of the analysts expected Amazon to release a tablet significantly cheaper than iPad but capable to offer the same kind of synergy between various media services, eBooks and applications, Amazon being one of the very few companies that can rival Apple in such offerings.

Amazon Kindle Fire was released just a few days ago and the question hot on everybody’s lips is how and if it can compare with iPad, with other Android tablets and with the Nook Tablet, its main competitor. Nobody really doubts of Amazon capability of selling millions of Kindle Fires, but to be Read More…

HTC Vivid Review

As I said in my previous article when I reviewed Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, both me and my wife decided we need larger screens than the ones our current iPhone 4 smartphones have, we were eligible for an early upgrade offer from At&T and it really made no sense paying again for iPhone 4S upgrade over the iPhone 4, so we looked into AT&T’s new 4G LTE capable smartphones based on Android OS, especially since AT&T run a pretty cool promotion. We got to buy the HTC Vivid for only $99 and I choose the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket for myself, the HTC Vivid going to  my wife. We got to play with them for a couple of day and the experience is described in detail in this review. Beside references to the Galaxy Skyrocket, I’ll also compare HTC Vivid to my previous iPhone 4 so you can make an informed purchase decision overall.

In case you don’t know, HTC Vivid is one of the two LTE sets AT&T  just launched. LTE is the new 4G communication standard AT&T is upgrading its network to, it stands for Long Term Evolution. With the current technology LTE should achieve download speeds of 20+Mbs, enough for pretty much everything including 1080p streaming. LTE sets owners report download speeds in excess to 50 Mbs / second, a quite impressive jump over the 3G technology and while LTE is not yet deployed in all AT&T markets, in the areas the technology is deployed you should be in for a treat.

The latest LTE sets should also help position AT&T as a solid Android provider considering that iPhone exclusivity for so many years helped it build a somewhat opposite image. Will they succeed? I guess time will tell.

HTC Vivid Unpacking

It looks like AT&T decided to customize the boxes to look more AT&T-ish than anything else, in an obvious effort to set their brand. The boxes Read More…

Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Review

After about 4 years (and 3 generations) of Apple phones, I decided it is time for a change. Not because I don’t love my iPhone 4, but because I realize how much better I would like a larger screen. For some reason AT&T website showed us that we qualify for an early upgrade so I also talked with my wife and we decided to give it a try and to replace our iPhone 4 devices with a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket for me, respectively a HTC Vivid for her. We had a couple of days to play with them and the first impressions (as well as the inevitable comparison with Apple iPhone 4) are detailed in this Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Review.

A little bit of introduction is in order: Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (code name SGH-i727) is one of the two LTE sets AT&T  just launched. LTE is the new 4G communication standard AT&T is upgrading its network to, it stands for Long Term Evolution. With the current technology LTE should achieve download speeds of 20+Mbs, enough for pretty much everything including 1080p streaming.

The other AT&T LTE set is built by HTC and called HTC Vision. Throughout this review we’ll compare Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket to HTC Vision, and to iPhone 4 as well to help you make an informed decision. We also reviewed it, so you can read our AT&T HTC Vivid Review for a comparison.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Unpacking Read More…

Genius Wizard Stick Review – Motion gaming joystick for Gaming PC


With the introduction of its innovative motion controller, Nintendo Wii changed forever the way we interact with our games (until the launch of Kinect, that is). It didn’t took that long until accessories producers copied the concept hoping to also copy the success Nintendo had. Probably the most well known PC motion sensor controller is the Genius Wizard Stick manufactured by Genius and based on the AIWI software platform, controller that makes the object of today’s review.


Read More…

Onkyo TX-NR809 Review – THX Certified 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver with 8 HDMI inputs


My beloved Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS just lost a channel and anyway, it was time for a new receiver. I needed something with similar specs to the good old 82TXS but updated to the 2011 requirements (Internet connectivity, 3D support, etc). I prefer connected equipment when possible plus a bunch of HDMI inputs and, when Amazon had Onkyo TX-NR809 on sale I jumped on it. A couple of days later a large and heavy box found its way to my door and I played with its content for the last two weeks. The results are described in this Onkyo TX-NT809 Review.

Throughout the review I’ll make brief comments regarding how the new Onkyo TX-NR809 compares to my old Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS. I think these two receivers belong to the same class and it should be interesting to see how the technology evolved in the last 5 years. Read More…