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Dish Network – Google TV marriage gets official – no VIP922 love

As Dish Network a subscriber, I just received an e-mail from them to inform me that Google TV with DISH Network is available and that, as a subscriber I qualify for a special price of $179. The current MSRP for the Logitech Revue Google TV box is $299 so there is quite a savings. Unfortunately the discount is not available for Sony Google TV products.

The deep integration between Google TV and Dish Network should make available for search all your recorded shows as well as the shows listed in the electronic Guide. Unfortunately, during  my recent tests, the only Dish Network receivers compatible with a Google TV unit ares ViP 622, ViP 722 and ViP 722k. As I have the more advanced VIP 922 (full review here), I am out of luck for now.

Check Dish Network’s full press release and a video clip demo-ing the Dish network – Logitech Revue Google TV integration. Read More…

Dish Network VIP 922 DVR gets DLNA Video support – Review

At launch, Dish Network’s flagship DVR  – VIP 922 shipped with a DLNA client, however it was only able to play photos and music. We released a full review for it several months ago and since then, VIP 922 got quite a number of software updates. One of the latest updates brought in a surprise – DLNA Video support, although somewhat unfinished. Let’s take a short look and review it.

All my media in installed on a server running Windows Server 2008 and I am using two DLNA server packages at the same time: PS3 Media Server and PlayOn. Both software packages are stable and are working fine with other DLNA clients I have (WD TV Live Plus, PS3, XBOX 360). Read More…

Google TV to launch in the fall, get to the version 25 by winter, all in beta

Today, during the closing keynote at the IFA convention in Germany, Google’s Eric Schmidt announced that Google TV is set to launch this fall in US and expand everwhere else in 2011. According to Eric, all the content will be provided by…content providers as Google doesn’t want to go into content production. After all, Google was always better at organizing somebody’s else stuff. A number of hardware manufacturers expressed their interest in creating Google TV hardware, such as Logitech with their Revue box, Dish Network with their $300 device, and more recently, Samsung announcing that it is considering Android OS for their TVs. This might bring an embedded Google TV system in Samsung’s TV line but it might also put the final nail in the coffin of Yahoo TV Widgets, at least as Samsung is concerned.

Dish Network’s DishOnline.com live this week with cable channels streaming

For us, Dish Network subscribers this week is shaping to be a good week. The company just announced that DishOnline.com will be out of beta this week and start streaming cable channels like Syfy, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, MTV, HGTV, etc. Among the DishOnline features is remote DVR scheduling (which was already available through Dish Network’s main website) and the integration of the SlingLoaded devices. One of these SlingLoaded devices is the VIP922 which we reviewed. DishOnline will also be available on iPhone and iPad devices, including streaming and DVR scheduling.

Beside standard network content, DishOnline will also work as a mini-Netflix offering over 5,000 movies including new releases, many in 1080p to be rented on your HD DVR. Check after the break for DishOnline.com screenshots.

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Dish Network survey implies $300 price for upcoming Google TV

I just received an e-mail from Dish Network containing a link to an online survey concerning the upcoming Dish network implementation of the Google TV. In the survey, Dish Network is trying to figure it out how much we would pay for the box as a full price or subsidized via a monthly fee. The price that Dish seem to have in mind is around $300 up front, maybe with a Blu-ray player built in as well. They also claim that they will be the only company offering “Advanced Integration” – whatever that means…(maybe integrating their Guide Search as well). In my opinion, in this day and age, a target price of $300 is excessive for a mass adoption and the distribution will be limited to early adopters (like me) that like to have the latest and the greatest. Let’s now forget that currently available on the market are really capable media streaming boxes that offer YouTube, Flickr and even Internet access for less that $120.  I am referring to WD TV Live Plus and Viewsonic VMP 75 (the latter offering an Internet Browser as well). Check out all the survey steps after the break. Read More…

DirecTV multiroom DVR out of beta. Yes, you can have it now.

DirecTV finally launched their multi-room DVR solution under the name of “Whole Home DVR” and it offers, you guessed, the possibility to share your recordings amongst multiple DVR boxes. The service charge will be an extra $3 on top of your existing bill, well worth in my opinion. Hopefully, the other companies will follow soon. I recently upgraded to a VIP 922 DVR from Dish Network and this feature would come really handy, especially with the 1TB harddrive.

Check the launching video after the break.

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Dish Network VIP922 Sling enabled DVR full review

I ordered the Dish Network VIP922 ( VIP 922 ) as soon as I read the announcement that it is available. The current upgrade price is $200, for existing customers, not sure how much for the new customers. The technician was half an hour late, not a big deal and the first thing he wanted to do was to check the dish placement and connections. It looks like, since my last Dish Network installation about two years ago they changed the installing codes and the guy wanted to see if everything is in order, expecting his supervisor to inspect the site later.

1. Installation:

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Ordered my VIP922 Slingbox enabled DVR, will review it on Saturday

After hearing the news about VIP922 availability, I hurried up and placed a call with Dish Network to get mine. After being on hold for about 10 minutes, one of their CSRs replied, but he didn’t seem to know anything about a new DVR, so I was put on hold again while he probably consulted with his colleagues/manager. This time it lasted (I wrote lusted and the spell checker of course didn’t get it 😉 ) just a couple of minutes, he found about the new equipment and after the standard identity check he proceeded to take my order.

Now, I have two VIP722 on my account for the living room and bedroom, so he wanted to know the serial number for the one I want to replace. Apparently they don’t have that info readily available, so I had to log-in into my account to get it (Don’t call them if you don’t have this info). I wanted to replace my main receiver, because the monthly DVR fee will be higher if you have the VIP922 as a secondary receiver.

OK, the next step was the costs. It was announced that, for the existing customers the fee per VIP922 will vary between $200-$400. I guess I was lucky, I got the minimum payment, because I’ve seen people online complaining about being asked for $400. I have been a Dish Network client for about 6 years, grandfathered a dishHD Absolute with locals and together with two VIP722 DVRs I am paying around $60/months. Good thing they didn’t ask me to change my cheap plan (which is not available anymore). I resisted heroically until now.

So, anyway, I had to pay the $200 upgrade fee. On top of that, they wanted to charge me an extra $90 for the technician visit which apparently is required to install this receiver. I tried to convince the CSR to just send it to me to no avail, apparently the software system just didn’t let him do that. Good thing the CSR was a nice guy and advised me how to “trick the system” – add service fee of $6 on my monthly bill and cancel it after the service is performed. The cancellation fee will be $25, but it will still be much cheaper than the $90 quoted.

All in all, everything went smooth and I should expect the new DVR sometime Saturday afternoon. Stay tuned for an in-depth review to follow.

It finally happens! Dish Network VIP922 DVR is here!

After many, many, many years of waiting (and in today’s world, 2 is more than enough), Dish Network finally releases their Sling loaded super DVR, applications and 1TB hard drive and an MSRP of $649 (although you can expect to get it for less). here is the entire news release from Dish Network: (via Engadget)

Dish Network to release Slingloaded 922 Tomorrow

We are excited to announce that the ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR receiver (the model ViP922), is planned to be available April 7, 2010! The ViP922 receiver will allow for a high-definition (“HD”), DVR solution for a single TV. With the model ViP922 receivers, customers can enjoy simultaneous, uninterrupted and independent TV viewing between the primary TV in the house and remote viewing on a mobile device or laptop.

This next generation receiver offers the latest top-of-the-line features, including a sleek new user interface and integrated Sling™ capabilities that make it possible to enjoy TV Everywhere™! Combined with 1080p Video on Demand and stunning DISH Network HD programming, the model ViP922 receiver revolutionizes the way customers watch and enjoy their favorite programming! For more information on the model ViP922 receiver, including pricing and features, please continue reading below.

ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR Receiver

• Dual-tuner, one-TV receiver • Integrated SlingLoaded™ technology
• SD and HD output on TV1 • 1 terabyte (TB) hard drive
• Universal 32.0 UHF-2G configurable 4-component
remote control
• Capacitive-touch front panel controls

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