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How to root / install custom roms and add Android Market for CVS Craig CMP 738a $75 Android tablet

I just got a very cheap Craig CMP 738a tablet from CVS, and, after the $25 coupon code, the total came to be $75 before taxes. CVS is not a place where you would expect to find hi-tech items, but I wanted a cheap tablet to play with and, after I got bored, to give to my 7 old son without the fear that if he breaks it I’ll be too upset. I played with it for about a week (a full review to follow) but the included software sucks: Slow, no official Google Android market, outdated apps. There are some custom ROMs available (that also come with root access) so I decided to try them, and, since the process of installing a custom ROM is not always easy, I decided to write this tutorial and post clear and easy to follow instructions, documenting each step with screenshots. The benefits of adding a custom ROM is mainly better app compatibility, speed and official Android Market.

1. What is Craig 738a?

Craig 738a is a very cheap tablet that can be purchased at CVS pharmacy for $99. There is always a coupon for $25 off available around the web, so you’ll Read More…