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Boxee Box Review

1. Introduction

Boxee Box is without question one of the most awaited media streamers for this year. The reason? The way things look right now, it might well be the only box that actually can successfully replace a home theater PC in both CODEC support and extensibility. Promising a full range of audio/video codecs, media library with automatic artwork downloading and also web clients for popular services as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, VUDU and even Netflix, combined with an open development platform supporting Adobe Flash 10.1, a Webkit based browser and QWERTY remote control, many feel that boxee Box is currently the media streamer to beat, not Google TV or Apple TV. For a long time, there has been an uncertainty about the capability to stream Netflix but yesterday the people from D-Link confirmed Netflix support to come sometime by the end of the year, so I won’t touch this issue until the next firmware release.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge gadget lover and I actually own and use every piece of equipment that I reviewed on this website, however I don’t  like the idea of turning my PS3 to watch Netflix, XBOX 360 for a nice Twitter of Facebook client, my HTPC for some exotic codec that nobody else supports, etc. I think everybody keeps waiting for the mystical “do it all” box (aside from a beefy HTPC that needs its own power plant) and the open nature of Boxee Box might help it become that box.

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Boxee Box available for pre-order at $199

Ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited Boxee Box is finally available for pre-order. Like their competitor, PopBox, Boxee will also be initially available for pre-order at Amazon for a slightly higher MSRP that initially announced, $229 instead of $199. The official model number will be D-Link DSM-380 and interestingly enough, the manufacturer dropped the Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset from the deisgn opting instead for the Intel Atom CE-4100 which is also the one from the upcoming Google TV. It seems that Intel scored big this time. According to Engadget, the reason for the hardware switch as that Tegra 2 wasn’t fast enough at decoding high bitrate h264. Interesting and a public blow against NVIDIA which won’t do well for the company and their Tegra 2 success. Among the main Boxee Box features, it worth mentioning the support for Flash 10.1, and a HTML 5 compliant WebKit browser. Boxee Box will also ship with over 400 applications at launch and considering Flash support, we fully expect the number to grow over time. We already pre-ordered it and we’ll let you know when we’ll publish a full review. Check back soon.

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