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What a difference a couple of  month make. Only two months ago we reviewed Exeter Science & Entertainment’s first foray in Bluetooth Adapters for iPhone docks, the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver and meantime, the producer was hard at work producing and launching its successor, the CoolStream Duo. The new model improves upon the previous one by adding an embedded Lithium Polymer battery featuring up to 5 hours of life and an additional 3.5mm audio output jack to connect with devices that do not have a 30 pin iPhone / iPod port. We received a sample for review and we played with it for the last week or so. Read the full article for our impressions.

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Review: CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver for iPhone Dock


If you recently upgraded your iPhone/iPad to a newer model featuring the Lightning connector or moved away completely from iOS devices, do not throw your old 30-pin docking station away. Thanks to CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver you can still use it with whatever new device you have now, as long as it contains a Bluetooth adapter.  Exeter Science & Entertainment  was kind enough to provide us with a sample for the review so sit back and enjoy reading our experience using it for the past week.

 Before proceeding with the review, there is one point I would like to make: the 30-pin Apple connector using in their older iPhone/iPod/iPad series can transfer both analog and digital sound. While the Read More…

Review: CoolStream BTS 201 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with USB/SD reader

If you are a college student with limited space in the dorm room, need a very small audio system to add some sound to your bedroom, want to enjoy a romantic dinner in the backyard with full setup including candles and music or just looking for a very portable sound solution for a family trip, you might need to look into purchasing a Bluetooth portable speaker to complement your phone / tablet. We recently received for review the CoolStream BTS201 Portable Bluetooth Speaker produced by Exeter Science & Entertainment and we put it through the tests for the last several days. The results and our impressions are documented in the present review.


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