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Hulu Plus on AppleTV, Amazon Instant Video on iPad, Apple gets serious

Although quietly, in the last two days Apple’s eco-system significantly improved, first by the addition of Hulu Plus video streaming service on their AppleTV units, and today by the launch of Amazon Instant Video on iPad (iPhone/iPod owners are out of luck for now). With the latest launches, Apple just became one of the strongest competitor in the media streaming market (their Apple TV supports the three big market players – Netflix, Hulu and Amazon) with the one big omission in my opinion being HBO GO. On the tablet category, iPad has by far the largest streaming support at the moment, Amazon Instant Video being only supported currently on one other tablet, Amazon’s own Kindle Fire.

You can download the iPad app from iTunes here and yes, it does have access to Your Watchlist. If you have Amazon Prime for free 2-day shipping, Instant Video comes in the price together with free eBook lending. For more info, head over Amazon’s Prime webpage.

iPad 2 jailbreak beta leaks ahead of official release – via iPad_4.3.3_8j2.pdf

Update: The official iPad 2 jailbreak is out. Check here how to do it!

Well, it looks like it finally happened. The long awaited iPad 2 jailbreak is here, albeit not “officially”, if this is a good word to describe a hack. JailbreakMe 3.0 is the work done by Comex and one of the people in the team is rumored to have released the Beta iPad 2 jailbreak ahead of schedule. One of the good news is that you won’t need anything fancy, other than just to point a browser to a specific place and load a specific PDF file. As of right now, only the PDF file exploiting the vulnerability for iOS 4.3.0 is still up, the other for 4.3.3 was taken down already. The video describing how to jailbreak iPad 2 is still up on YouTube though and you can take a look here. Read More…

Rumor of the day – iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Taiwanese component suppliers are getting materials list ready ready

Another day, another iPhone 5 / iPad 3 rumor, but that keeps everybody entertained and gives us subjects to write about. This time, is a rumor everybody seems to agree upon, not just a lone analyst in a dusty office. It looks like the Taiwanese companies involved somehow in the production of Apple’s toys are starting to prepare their components anticipating to start production sometime in August. Both iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are rumored to see the official light of the day sometime in September and start shipping the following month. Not sure how fast you’ll be able to get one, but that’s an entirely different issue.

While everybody does expect an iPhone 4 successor, the iPad 3 if true comes as a surprise because Apple would break their 12 month standard cycle between models. Of course, the market is somewhat different. More competitors, especially in the tablet field,  are releasing devices that rival iPad 2 (Samsung’s new tablets are just an example) and they are forcing Apple to work harder. iPad 2, cool as it is, was also an evolutionary device rather than revolutionary and did not include several expected technologies including retina display (which is again rumored to arrive in iPad 3 as a 250 dpi screen), NFC (Near Field Read More…

iPad 2 to launch in April 2011

Apple iPad 2nd generation should come a year after the first one, sometime around April 2011. At least this is what the analysts are saying… and, judging by the well known Apple update cycle for iPhones, it doesn’t require any economical training to come with this kind of predictions.

However, sometimes, if a prediction comes from famous analysts or from an unusual large number of them, it can raise expectations and public disappointment if they are not fulfilled, and at that point a prediction can be the driving engine working toward its own self fulfillment.

This time, Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co, a Wall Street analyst believes that Apple iPad 2 might be launched around the same time a new CDMA iPhone is also released which can make it compatible with Verizon network.

While no significant changes are expected (let’s also remember that big hardware changes are coming from Apple every two years instead of every year), the new iPad 2 might feature dual cameras, similar to the current iPhone 4 and, FaceTime functionality. It is obviously to early to speculate about price and other features, but you can certainly count on us to review it when it will be available.

via ComputerWorld

Big Apple iTunes announcement tomorrow – Beatles

Apple posted big on their homepage that tomorrow will be a day that you’ll never forget…The big announcement is slated for 7:00AM Pacific Time. What can it be? Steve Jobs remotely disabling every iDevice? Free iTunes songs and movies for all? A new 7 inches iPad?

Whatever it is, it should be something big with this kind of expansive announcement…Maybe Apple finally decided to add some applications love to their rather thin in capabilities Apple TV? If its true, I’ll buy one…Time will tell and we’ll be here to announce the news as soon as it comes out. Stay tuned! Meantime, what do you thing the big announcement is all about?

Update: Apparently the big announcement is about Beatles coming to iTunes. Not such an amazing news considering that few people that are Beatles fans don’t already have their albums through other means (ex physical media).

Apple iOS 4.2 out for developers

iOS 4.2 just got seeded to the developers so it will soon be available for your iDevice. Among the most important features that iOS 4.2 will bring you can find the following:

  • AirPrint – wireless printing, initially to some compatible HP printers
  • Enhanced parental control for those of you who give iPhones to your children
  • Like / Dislike capability for YouTube
  • iPad gets multitasking, Game Center, Folders, threaded e-mails and advertisement support in applications
  • closes the security hole that you could use to bypass iPhone’s lock screen from emergency call

PwnageTool 4.1 released, jailbreaks Apple TV, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPod touch and iPad

Dev-Team – the group behind PwnageTool jailbreaking tool for iOS devices just released their latest version – PwnageTool 4.1 (available for now on MacOS X systems only) and beside iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices it can also jailbreak the new Apple TV (second generation).

The new jailbreaking tool is the untethered kind (only needs to be used once) and aloows your iOS device to be restored to a custom IPSW file.

The full list of devices that can currently be jailbroken by PwnageTool 4.1 is:

  • Apple TV 2G
  • iPad (firmware 3.2.2)
  • iPod touch 4G
  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G

Read more and download the latest softare from Dev-Team website.

Apple iPad to sell in Verizon and AT&T stores this month

iPad here, iPad there…you know the rest. In two successive announcements involving the immensely successful Apple tablet – iPad, both Verizon and At&T declared they’ll start selling it in their stores by the end of this month. Verizon will sell a combination – iPad and MiFi 2200 mobile hotspot for roughly the price of a 3G iPad – $629. For this price you’ll get the iPad WiFi 16GB model and the MiFi gadget. The 32GB will set you back $729 while the biggest brother 64GB version is a nice $829 (have you made your holiday shopping plans yet ?). The Verizon data plan for iPad, including 1GB monthly traffic is just $20 which is not that bad.

On the AT&T side, you can find the 3G version starting October 28th, selling for about the same prices and including AT&T standard iPhone data plans and prices, the cheaper being $14.99 for 200MB of monthly traffic allowance included. As a bonus, AT&T also offers WiFi  access to their rather impressive 23,000 available WiFi Hot Spots.

Apple TV hit by the delay bug, expected to be several weeks late

Although Apple started to accept pre-orders for their recently announced and soon to be released Apple TV, it looks like the story with iPad repeats itself. If you take a look on Apple TV’ product page it now states the shipped date is 2-3 weeks so it won’t be end of September but sometime in October. That puts it pretty much at the same time with the new Roku family that we announced yesterday and are expected to ship on October 7th  (on Amazon), they are shipping already via other retailers.

The product being delayed, paying for expedited shipping doesn’t make that much sense anymore so Apple started to refund the premium shipping cost.

What product will you buy? A short comparison between Apple TV and Roku’s new line reveals that Roku has several times more streaming clients implemented. Both of them will feature Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and $0.99 TV shows but Roku can output 1080p compared with 720p only for Apple TV and about 50 extra services available including Pandora Radio.

iPad will start selling at Target October 3rd

In an effort to sell even more millions units, and following their recent deal with BestBuy, Apple signs a deal with Target stores to sell their wonder device starting October 3rd. What is even better is that iPad is also covered under Target’s 5 percent discount (that is, if you have a Target card, of course).

The discount deal for the card itself will be available starting October 17th, just in time for the holidays. Target will sell all iPad models available in both 3G and WiFi only versions and it will become the largest department store network to sell the iPad. The lowest priced iPad available will cost you $499 (plus local tax, of course).

Meantime, we are still waiting for the device to be sold on Amazon by Amazon and skip those pesky taxes, since right right is only available from 3rd parties, and with somewhat of a price premium added.