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Apple TV gets NBA And MLB Live Streaming

Until now, in my opinion, due to its limited capabilities in terms of media streaming, at least compared with other boxes like Boxee Box and WD TV Live Plus, Apple TV was interesting only because of its manufacturer. I was actually amazed it supports Netflix, considering Apple’s reluctance to support anything else other than iTunes.

Well, it seems like Apple is pumping some extra content providers in it and with its latest update, the little box got some love for NBA League Pass and MLB.TV along with AirPlay compatibility for the latest iOS 4.3 update and Netflix Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, a capability currently only implemented by Netflix.

The new content isn’t free and is in line with the provider’s current prices (we don’t know if they need to pay Apple 30% of the dough though). NBA Leagues Pass has one unlimited streaming option for $100 and another $65 option that includes your 7 favorite teams. MLB.TV has one $120 pass offering multi-zone broadcasts, multiple camera angles and DVR while the cheaper $100 subscription offers just standard streaming.

Beside the new content, Apple TV’s new update also gets various fixes, better on-screen keyboard, new slide-show modes and a bunch of security fixes.

Plex Media Center makes a jailbroken Apple TV way more useful

Let’s face it, if you are a media center enthusiast and like to configure your own stuff, if you have your own collection of ripped movies and music or even if you need a nice interface to play your family movies, Apple TV is not really for you. But now, this might change as jailbraking the tiny box might resurrect a new interest from the more technically inclined.

Plex is certainly a beautiful media center application and, while still in early beta (some might call it alpha version), found its way to to the tiny $99 box make ti suddenly worth more. While not easy to install on Apple TV boxes as it requires terminal access and it only plays videos for now, it certainly works and from here, it can only improve.

The person who managed to provide the goodies is the hacker Quiqueck. plex can be accessed now from Apple TV menu, just like any other client available, and, fortunately, the video codecs that can be played are surpassing by far the meager list supported originally by Apple. Check the video after the break. Read More…

PwnageTool 4.1 released, jailbreaks Apple TV, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, iPod touch and iPad

Dev-Team – the group behind PwnageTool jailbreaking tool for iOS devices just released their latest version – PwnageTool 4.1 (available for now on MacOS X systems only) and beside iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices it can also jailbreak the new Apple TV (second generation).

The new jailbreaking tool is the untethered kind (only needs to be used once) and aloows your iOS device to be restored to a custom IPSW file.

The full list of devices that can currently be jailbroken by PwnageTool 4.1 is:

  • Apple TV 2G
  • iPad (firmware 3.2.2)
  • iPod touch 4G
  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G

Read more and download the latest softare from Dev-Team website.

Apple TV hit by the delay bug, expected to be several weeks late

Although Apple started to accept pre-orders for their recently announced and soon to be released Apple TV, it looks like the story with iPad repeats itself. If you take a look on Apple TV’ product page it now states the shipped date is 2-3 weeks so it won’t be end of September but sometime in October. That puts it pretty much at the same time with the new Roku family that we announced yesterday and are expected to ship on October 7th  (on Amazon), they are shipping already via other retailers.

The product being delayed, paying for expedited shipping doesn’t make that much sense anymore so Apple started to refund the premium shipping cost.

What product will you buy? A short comparison between Apple TV and Roku’s new line reveals that Roku has several times more streaming clients implemented. Both of them will feature Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and $0.99 TV shows but Roku can output 1080p compared with 720p only for Apple TV and about 50 extra services available including Pandora Radio.

The new Apple TV available at Amazon for pre-order

The new and improved Apple TV is available now for pre-order at Amazon for $99 with no tax and free shipping. Announced several days ago during Apple’s conference on September 1st, the new box is much cheaper than the predecessor and supports Netflix streaming as well as Flickr and YouTube support. Hardware wise, it provides 720p output, WiFi 802.11n, HDMI, optical and USB port. Check back for a review when the units become available.

The box also supports high definition TV Show rentals for $0.99 and can be remotely controlled using your iPhone / iPod Touch.

Boxee Box Media Streamer will ship in November 2010 for $200

In a response to Apple TV announcement, Boxee’s Avner Ronen tried to make a case of why we need to send our money to him instead of Steve, and also let it slip that the box will ship in November for $200. Among the arguments, the strongest one seems to be the openness of the Boxee Box, presumably everybody will have access to the source code and be able to write applications. If this is true remains to be seen, but I was using Boxee (the software version) for quite a while and it is gorgeous, simple and usable. It has way more applications available than Apple TV and very important for some, it plays everything available on your home network. At least for me, having Pandora, Digg, Revision 3, Last.fm and MKV/DIVX support over the network more than makes up for the price difference. And let’s not forget the keyboard remote and 1080p support (Apple TV is limited at 720p)

Apple TV (iTV) announced, supports Netflix and YouTube streaming, 99 cents TV Shows in HD

The new Apple TV was announced by Steve Jobs during today’s Apple Product annual conference. The new box is tiny, cheaper at $99 than the predecessor, and will include Netflix, YouTube and Flickr support. TV shows will be available in HD for 99 cents and full feature movies for $4.99. What is disappointing though is the lack of iOS applications support and the lack of movies/music streaming from the PC. The web clients are limited as well. To be honest, I can’t quite recommend it. You are much better buying a Western Digital WD TV Live Plus (Reviewed here) or a Roku box which just lowered their prices.. Buy the Apple TV only if it gets hacked and gets some network video/music streaming love.

Here are the major iTV Specs:

  • really tiny, about one quarter of the original Apple TV
  • 720p output
  • WiFi 802.11n, HDMI, optical, USB
  • no storage management = no purchases, just rental (although you could purchase them for streaming)
  • Prices: $4.99 first run movies, $0.99 a TV show – the rumors were true. For now you can get TV shows from ABC and FOX as the announced partners
  • Netflix streaming is confirmed, YouTube will be supported as well
  • Apple TV will also stream pictures from Flickr and MobileMe
  • supports slideshows from your computer (yes, we know, nothing new here)
  • can stream media from your iPad
  • will cost $99 which is reasonable
  • available in about a month, you can pre-order today

Check after the break for photo gallery and the full press release. Read More…

Apple September 2010 Product Announcement Press Event Updates

  • Steve opened the conference by bragging about their new stores opened in Frace (Paris), China (Shanghai) and London (Covent Garden). Really beautiful, I have to admit. They have stores in 10 different countries with Spain being the 11th one.
  • iOS 4.1 is launched today, will come live next week – contains bug fixes (Bluetooth, proximity sensor, etc),  support for HDR (High Dynamic Range photos) and HD video uploads via WiFi
  • Game Center API arrives as well, as part of iOS 4.1, enables multi-player games
  • A new game, still in development called “Project Sword” rendered in real time – no chance it’ll work on iPhone 3G/3GS
  • iPad gets wireless printing and other goodies as part of iOS 4.2 (due later in the year and meant mainly for iPad)
  • iOS 4.2 coming out in November, brings multi-thread, multi-task to iPad, also folder structure similar with the iPhone one
  • you’ll be able to stream all kind of media  (music, photos, videos over WiFi to your iPad)
  • new iPods announced (over 275 millions sold to date)
  • new iPod Shuffle, 15 hours battery life, 5 colors, $49 price
  • new iPod Nano, a multi-touch square, 24 hours battery life and running iOS!!! Surprise!!! this is the new iPod touch? $149 8GB,  $179 the 16GB version
  • the new iPod Touch – as expected, features retina display, Apple A4 CPU, 3 axis gyro, iOS 4.1 with Game Center, FaceTime with front camera HD Video Recording – basically an iPhone 4 without the iPhone
  • iPod Touch Prices – 8GB model $229, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399 and starts shipping next week. You can pre-order today though
  • iTunes 10 is announced, together with some impressive numbers (12 billion songs, 450 million TV episodes, 100 million movies, and 35 million books). Not bad! and they removed the CD image from the logo, so no more CDs. Good riddance.
  • iTunes 10 introduces Ping, a new social network for music, basically you can buy/listen what your friends are listening and the other way around. Not really impressive in my opinion, but everything have to be social nowadays
  • Steve is demoing Ping, you can preview songs posted by your friends, and of course, BUY them
  • you can download iTunes 10 today
  • APPLE TV is  here!!!
  • Apple TV Specs: built in WiFi 802.11n, HDMI, optical, about 1/4 size of the original unit
  • You can rent but cannot buy movies; Prices: $4.99 first run movies, $0.99 a TV show (not bad). ABC and Fox are the announced partners.
  • will stream both Netflix and Youtube
  • Flickr and MobileMe will offer photo services
  • Nothing that hints abut applications support, was everybody wrong? This way it won’t be more than a glorified WD TV Live Plus
  • iTV supports Photo slideshow from your PC…nothing to write home about
  • you can stream content from an iPad to your TV
  • the price is $99 – as expected
  • available in about 4 weeks but you can pre-order today

Check for pictures after the break.

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Apple Store is offline, signs that today they’ll release new products. Apple TV anyone?

The rumors could just prove to be right once again. Currently, the Apple Store is offline which may signal that a big change is in the making. Since everybody is waiting for Apple’s big conference at 10:00AM (Pacific Time), it is a sign that they’ll release new products. Could that be the expected Apple TV? We’ll find out in several minutes…Stay around and we’ll update you news from the conference as soon as we get them.