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Galaxy Tab on sale at Verizon for $599 starting Nov 11th

We got all sorts of price ranges from Europe but nothing for good old USA so it is understandable that we were waiting to see when, where and how much. Today, Verizon Wireless dropped the bomb and announced that it will start selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $599 on November 11th. Unfortunately there is no discount if you buy a data plan so you might try a combination like smart phone – Galaxy tab or just wait for things to change. Verizon currently offers 1GB / month for $20 which might or might not be enough considering that we are talking about a tablet here which will be able to stream movies.
Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch multi-touch screen device with 1024×600 resolution, full support for Adobe Flash 10.1 (unlike Apple iPad), dual camera (front and back), full 1080p movie player, 1GHz CPU and running Android 2.2. Among the pre-installed  software packages you will be able to find Kindle for Android and Google Maps navigation.

Which format works best for you? The 7-inches Galaxy Tab or the larger Apple iPad?

Angry Birds free for Android

Good news for the Angry Birds game lovers. The immensely successfulness game that started on iOS platform is now available for Android based handsets and even better, is free. According with Angry Birds developer, the game is free in order to be available for as many people as possible because previously many people seemed to have issues in finding the game on Android Market. The hardware / software compatibility list includes second generation Android devices and up, Android OS 1.6 or higher. The minimum hardware requirements is OpenGL ES 2.0 support.

Angry Birds’ free price is sustained however by mobile advertisements. If you want to get rid of them, you’ll still be able to buy it in a future update.

To download Angry Birds, navigate  here.

Adobe Flash 10.1 downloaded over one millions times on Android phones

Not everybody believes Steve Jobs when he preaches the  death of Flash, at least not the over one millions users downloading the 10.1 version for their Android smartphones. These are the latest numbers coming from Adobe and they certainly have something to brag about. Unlike Apple, Google is certainly not concerned about supporting Flash and made it official announcing that Froyo (Android 2.2) will support Flash. Since the announcement, it was a good collaboration all over the place.

Android OS is the only major platform for smartphones that officially supports Flash. Microsoft said at some point their new Windows Phone 7 OS will support it, although not at launch. Let’s not forget that Microsoft is deeply involved in Silverlight which is the main Flash competitor. Apple of course will never support it unless you jailbreak your iPhone and install Frash (see here how).

Dell to launch a second Android Tablet, 7″ size

Today during Oracle OpenWorld event in San Francisco, Dell’s CEO Michael Dell announced a new Android tablet device to join their Android Streak that started shipping not too long ago. Streak sells for $299 with AT&T contract or $599 without. The new tablet will have a 7″ screen but no other details were mentioned, such as price or shipping date.

The newly announced tablet will be most likely positioned against Apple’s iPad that sold in huge numbers (more than 3.3 million to date). Let’s just hope the Android market won’t become too fragmented due to large number of devices available and make developers loose interesting in creating software apps for the device. After all, while hardware wise Apple’s iPad is nothing to write home about (heavy, no cameras, etc) and what makes it so desirable is the software eco-system.

The tablet market is getting increasingly crowded with many manufactures as Samsung, Archos, Hewlett-Packard (and maybe even Amazon, you never know) started or will start delivering similar devices in the near future.

Windows Phone 7 devices could launch on October 11th

According to some unofficial reports floating around the Web, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 based phones might see the light of the day sometime around October 11th. While some Windows Phone 7 prototypes get reviewed regularly on various tech blogs, it it the first time the rumors are specifically pointing toward a certain date. The big event could take place in New York and be broadcast around the world. Microsoft’s OS would be the 3rd large competitor in the oh so crowded smartphone market (after iOS and Android devices)  but it might also bring a fresh breeze with their unique integration of Office and XBOX Live. If that will be enough for Microsoft to reclaim some of the market share it is yet to be seen but we can only be happy for the additional competition.

$150 7″ Augen Gentouch Android Tablet appears at Walmart

Another day, another competitor in the oh so crowded world of tablets and eReaders. This time, it sells at Walmart for $149, store only for now. I don’t understand what is with these weird distribution channels – Pandigital Novel 7 to sell at Bed Bath & Beyond, Augen Gentouch at Walmart…Anyway, the good news is that the new tablet is based on Android 2.1 so you can tinker with it if you want, and install additional applications. The bad news is that the touchscreen is resistive technology and as a result, it sucks. I was able to play a little bit at the local KMart store and this are some quick thoughts: Text is hard to input via the on-screen keyboard, and the screen is non-responsive, pretty much like the Pandigital Novel 7 is. So, from this point of view, it is a good thing Augen includes a stylus in the package, but it feels like 2005. The Gentouch also comes with Android Market (Pandigital Novel 7 doesn’t), but I wasn’t able to test it in the store. Skype and Google Maps are also included, together with several others. During the short time I had, I wasn’t able to turn on the portrait mode, not sure if this is because I just couldn’t figure out how or they will add the feature in a future firmware release. All in all, the same feeling I had for the Pandigital Novel 7 – firmware not fully baked and cheap. If you want to use it as an eReader, you better get the new Amazon Kindle 3 that has a version including 3G for life. If you like tinkering, it is a nice little Android machine and you’ll probably be OK. Expect a lot of firmware fixes soon.

Check after the break for technical specs.

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Nook Review – 3G and WiFi, firmware 1.4 rooted version

The subject of this somewhat late review is Barnes and Noble’s answer to Amazon’s Kindle eReader, the Nook. After B&N slashes Nook’s prices to a level it became a compulsory purchase if you are a book lover, so I decided to take the plunge and buy one. I purchased the 3G version but the review will apply to both versions since the only internal difference is the presence of a 3G modem in the 3G version of the Nook and the back cover color (gray for Nook 3G, white for Nook WiFi). The reason the review is somewhat late is because I like to test my new gadgets for a couple of weeks before I review them in order to get a better feel about their usability and ergonomics. Also, the present review will apply to the rooted version of the Nook and I’ll explain in detail the differences between the rooted and the official version. The reviewed firmware version is 1.4.

1. Unpacking

The Nook version I purchased arrived Read More…