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HSTI Mobostick Review – Wireless USB file sharing for Android devices

Previously we reviewed the HSTI Wireless Media Stick, today is its brother’s Mobostick (model MOB187U01) turn to be put through the tests, a dedicated device that HSTI created to simplify the task of sharing files from your Android phone/tablet wirelessly to any number of devices including gaming consoles, PCs, photo frames, sound systems, etc. We were also provided with a sample for review purposes and after several days of quite extensive tests we are ready to share our experience in this HSTI Mobostick Review. Continue Reading →

HSTI Wireless Media Stick Review – Model WMS186U02

We are living in a time when everything is connected and the content needs to be shared across devices. However, many of our gadgets are still not network enabled, or do not have a WiFi adapter included. I am talking about the last generations TV units, photo frames, receivers, DVD players, boom boxes, stereos, etc. Most of our readers have at least a computer that can share media, some even a dedicated server or  NAS (network attached storage) units. How do we get that content to our gadgets that don’t support wireless sharing? HSTI, a Canadian technology company has a simple answer: Wireless Media Stick, a small USB device that connects to your wireless network, can access network shares and mount all the content available as a normal USB memory stick. We were provided with a sample and after extensive testing, our experience is summarized in this review. Continue Reading →

Amazon launches two new tablets, Kindle Fire at $159, and Kindle Fire HD with 1920 x 1200 8.9″ display

Important day today – Amazon announced three different devices:

1. A frontlit eReader called Kindle Paperwhite featuring a new and improved 25 percent more contrast, 212ppi with 62 percent more pixels, capacitive touchscreen and up to 8 weeks battery life with the light on

The prices for the eInk eReader will be $119 for the WiFi only model and $179 for the 3G capable one. Continue Reading →

Deal of the Day – SiliconDust HDHomeRun Network-based Dual Digital HDTV Tuner HDHR3 for $59.99 shipped at Amazon

The lowest price I have seen in the long time, and for the Californians, a better price than Newegg since Amazon doesn’t charge tax (for now)

Amazon has the SiliconDust HDHomeRun Network-based Dual Digital HDTV Tuner, Black (HDHR3-US) for $60 with free shipping.

Product Features

  • Two Digital Tuners, Anywhere on Your Network
  • TV sources: ATSC digital TV (antenna), Unencrypted digital cable TV (Clear QAM), DVB-T digital TV (antenna)
  • Works with popular DVR software
  • Seamless operation with multiple computers

Full HDHR3 review in here.

How To – Windows 8 Enterprise – Fix error code 0x8007232B or 0x80070003 – change license key

If you installed the new Windows 8 RTM, Enterprise edition you might have the surprise to see that it cannot be activated. The errors can vary, two examples are 0x80070003 –  The system cannot find the path specified, or 0x8007232B, DNS name does not exist. Most probably you installed Windows 8 Enterprise without adding any license key to it (because Windows 8 Enterprise never asked for a key in the first place).

The reason is that Windows 8 Enterprise installs by default with an included KMS license key (you can type slmgr /dlv in the command prompt window to figure out which one is it, mine ended in CWCK7). If you have a valid license, you can use the following command to install/activate the real key.

slmgr -ipk “valid license key”

Input your valid key including the dashes. Windows 8 will install and automatically activate your computer.

Previous Windows versions included the capability to change the key by navigating to Computer->Properties->Windows Activation, but at least for Windows 8 Enterprise this feature seems to be missing.


Windows 8 RTM live on MSDN and TechNet, both websites are hammered

As you probably know, Windows 8 RTM was released today on both MSDN and TechNet. While I won’t get into the endless argument about which OS is better and if the new UI is better or worse (I actually like it a lot, especially as a HTPC but this is just my opinion), I felt compelled to throw a jab at Microsoft based on the horrible experience of accessing the Windows 8 download in the first two hours of release. I can’t start any download (Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012) and cannot get any license key but I do get dutifully logged errors for every try. Come on, Microsoft, you knew this day will come and considering the interest, why couldn’t you move enough resources so all of us can download the damn software as soon as it went live?

Update: 11:57AM Pacific time – I was able to start the download successfully and about 5 minutes later both x86 and x64 versions are on my hard drive!

Cooler Master NotePal I100 Laptop Cooling Pad Review

 Somehow while the modern technology is supposed to improve in every aspect, the most powerful newer notebooks are significantly warmer than the older ones, despite new cooling designs and techniques. As a result, if you want to keep your equipment happy humming for longer periods of time, improve their reliability and extend their life, you will usually need extra cooling, and judging by the number of laptop cooling pads popping up on the market lately, they are quite popular. One of the newest addition in this category is the last Cooler Master NotePal I100 Laptop Cooling Pad (model no R9-NBC-I1HK-GP), an ultra-slim and lightweight USB powered cooling pad with a low price that should catch your attention, that was released today. Cooler Master was nice enough to send us a unit for review, so read along and see how it performs in the real world. Continue Reading →

Deal of the Day – 120GB Kingston SSDNow V+200 2.5″ SSD $80 shipped at Amazon

Today’s Review Horizon Deal of the Day is the Kingston SSDNow V+200 120GB 2.5″ SATA III Solid State Drive (model KW-S2120-4B) for $80. The initial price is $100 and there is a $20 off coupon available – just click on the “Clip this coupon”. The shipping is free and there are no taxes in most of the states.

If you need a larger drive, also available is the 240GB variant, model KW-S2140-4B for $154 shipped, after a $30 Clip coupon (just select the larger capacity on the product page). Be sure to order it from Amazon, even if right now they are out of stock with a shipping time of 1 to 3 weeks.

Technical Specs: Continue Reading →

Hulu Plus on AppleTV, Amazon Instant Video on iPad, Apple gets serious

Although quietly, in the last two days Apple’s eco-system significantly improved, first by the addition of Hulu Plus video streaming service on their AppleTV units, and today by the launch of Amazon Instant Video on iPad (iPhone/iPod owners are out of luck for now). With the latest launches, Apple just became one of the strongest competitor in the media streaming market (their Apple TV supports the three big market players – Netflix, Hulu and Amazon) with the one big omission in my opinion being HBO GO. On the tablet category, iPad has by far the largest streaming support at the moment, Amazon Instant Video being only supported currently on one other tablet, Amazon’s own Kindle Fire.

You can download the iPad app from iTunes here and yes, it does have access to Your Watchlist. If you have Amazon Prime for free 2-day shipping, Instant Video comes in the price together with free eBook lending. For more info, head over Amazon’s Prime webpage.

Windows 8 Final will be available on MSDN and TechNet on August 15th

Good news people, Windows 8 Final was just released to the manufacturers today and the rest of us with MSDN/TechNet subscriptions will be able to get it on August 15th. This is a significant milestone and honestly I can’t wait to get my hands on the final version. Nothing much more to say beside the fact that I already replaced Windows 7 from one of my HTPCs to Windows 8 and METRO interface works really well with the Windows Media Center Remote. Another really good addition (and fully supported by Windows 8) is the Logitech keyboard from GoogleTV – Logitech Revue unit, the best keyboard/pad combo I have ever used for HTPC.

via Windows Team Blog