Blog Design

If you ever intended to have a quick way to communicate with your customers, to expose your own ideas or to start your own business as an affiliate the definitive answer is a blog. With millions of blogs currently available, the question is not whether you should have one (or many) but why you did not think about having a blog until now, especially considering how mainstream a web presence has become.

What exactly is a blog?

The answer is very simple. A blog is a simple way to instant publish your own content and get feedback from users without thinking about html, web programming, building web pages, etc. Build around a database, a blog is a software package designed to take the complexity of maintaining a web site out of the equation and allow you to concentrate on writing good content in a timely manner.

Once you own a blog, you will be able to post articles, add photos and video content, automatically post your articles on your Facebook or Twitter page and create a vibrant community, all with several mouse clicks.

What about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

Well, we are lucky here. The current blog packages (WordPress is one of them) are designed with search engines in mind and will be search engine optimized better than any pure HTML could ever be. With a strongly structured content, your content will be indexed easily and your readers / customers will be able to find you faster. Once the readers found your blog, they’ll be able to easily search for content and find their way around thanks to the simple navigational structure.

If you need to check visitors statistics, our Web Design Services will set-up a free Google Analytics account for you and will configure the blog with the necessary codes to properly report to it.

What can we do for you?

WordPress comes in a simple package by default, mono-color and rather bland looking. With our Blog Design Services we can customize it to look like an art website, a photo-portfolio site, a CMS (content management system – if you want to build your own directory), build it like a magazine or just use a simple and attractive theme if you so prefer. We can also recommend a cheap and reliable host and help you with the installation, customization and set-up, up to the point you can add content by yourself. We’ll also offer a maintenance program to help you with any changes / issues that might arrive in time.

The connected aspect of today’s society cannot be denied. We can help you instantly connect or post your content on popular social websites automatically through various customizations (Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Delicious are just some examples). If you intend to create an affiliate website, we can help you with that as well (Amazon, Walmart, etc affiliates are the most popular at this point).

Our cost will vary depending of the amount of customization needed, if any. We can also find premium themes and install them for you as well. If you are interested in our blog design services, contact us and we’ll get back to you as fast as possible. If you already own a website, we can help you quickly integrate a blog in a transparent manner and also customize it to resemble your primary web property as well.