Dialogues (Dialogs) of Plato Windows 8 App published in the app store

The complete collection of Plato Dialogues, the second in our planned series designed to bring you collections of beloved classics for only $1.49 was published to the Windows 8 App Store.

The Plato Dialogues Collection offers a wonderful reading experience for a really low price – 25 Plato Dialogues translated in English are now under one collection, all with modern features you would expect – easy navigation, a large variety of layout customization,  fast page transition, bookmarks, search, table of contents, etc.

In the future we plan to add additional features like book cover customization and social sharing of book fragments. Please use this page for any questions, suggestions, bug reports, etc. Also, before leaving us a low rating, please consider contacting us first and we’ll to our best to fix your issue(s).


List of included dialogues:

– Apology
– Charmides
– Cratylus
– Critias
– Euthydemus
– Euthyphro
– Gorgias
– Ion
– Laches, or Courage
– Laws
– Lysis, or Friendship
– Meno
– Parmenides
– Phaedo
– Phaedrus
– Philebus
– Protagoras
– Sophist
– Statesman
– Symposium
– The Republic
– The Seventh Letter
– Theaetetus
– Timaeus





  • Ricardo Barrera

    Which translation? Geez.

  • Sorry for the confusion. The translator’s name (Benjamin Jowett) is mentioned in each dialog right at the beginning and the application has a free trial mode. I do agree however that it should have been mentioned in the description and I just submitted a new release with the added explanation. Thanks!