Google AdSense Pro app for Windows 8 App now available in the Windows App Store

Most of the websites owners expect to monetize their work in some way and AdSense is among the most popular venues to publish ads. If you need to stay continuously updated with your AdSense earnings and activity, Review Horizon’s new AdSense Pro application for Windows 8 was just published in the Windows App Store. Featuring every modern feature Windows 8 has to offer including live tiles and an easy to use touch and fluid interface, simple daily Dashboard and detailed reports that include Channels, Products, Ad Format, Ad unit, Targeting Type, Bid Type, Buyer Network, instant e-mail sharing of these reports  and export in Excel compatible csv files, AdSense Pro is sure to satisfy even the most demanding AdSense user. Available for a 7 days trial, then if you decide to buy, $4.99 right here in Microsoft App Store.


Head after the break for more details and screenshots.

AdSense Pro Features:

  • Uses OAuth 2.0 authentication to offer you peace of mind knowing that your credentials are completely safe – your username / password never actually get in our application
  • Dashboard update for a quick daily view of the most common AdSense measures like Revenue, CPC, PageViews, Clicks, RPM, CTR, etc
  • Fixed periods like today, yesterday, last 7 days, current month, last month, year to date, custom
  • Channels
  • Charts
  • Products
  • Ad unit / Ad Unit Size, Ad Format Reports
  • Targeting Type
  • Bid Type
  • Buyer Network
  • Live Tile showing Earnings, CPC, CTR, Page Views refresh every 15 minutes
  • Data export – You can export every report created in an Excel compatible CSV file (swipe from the bottom to show the App Bar)
  • Every report can be shared instantly via e-mail (After you select a profile, swipe toward left from the right edge of the screen to display the Charm Bar, then choose Defaults option. You’ll be able to select one or more profiles from the list. Click Refresh button.)



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