Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 3D Glasses Review (Model CECH-ZEG1U)


When I got my first 3D projector, the  Epson PowerLite 3010e 3D 1080p projector, I went ahead and purchased the Panasonic 3rd gen TY-EW3D3MU (also sold as twin pack under the designationTY-EW3D3MPK2), glasses that are compatible with the universal standard M-3DI and are among the very few listed on Epson’s website as compatible. I only got four pairs since the Panasonic glasses are quite expensive at around $100/pair. Last week though, I realized I need a couple of extra pairs to have around and I looked for a cheaper solution. While not officially listed as compatible with Epson 3010/5010/6010 series, the Sony PlayStation 3 3D Glasses were reported in several places as working well with my projector, so I went ahead and ordered two pairs from Amazon that currently has the lowest price (around $50 shipped). In this review, I’ll not only describe how they perform, but I’ll include side by side comparisons versus the other 3D glasses I am currently using, the 3rd gen Panasonic TY-EW3D3MU


2.1 Box Content


It seems that most 3D Glasses manufacturers opted not to include a separate USB charger with the sets to maximize their profits, and Sony is not an exception. However, inside the box you’ll find everything necessary to start watching a 3D movie right away – the glasses, a micro USB cable, the instruction manual and a welcome carrying pouch. For charging purposes you can use your computer, a powered USB HUB as a 3D glass recharging station or any USB compatible charger.

3.Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 3DCECH-ZEG1U Technical specifications


  • Best-in-class “Active” 3D quality delivers full HD playback without the resolution loss commonly experienced when using “Passive” 3D glasses
  • Fully immersive vision universally compatible* with Active 3D TVs
  • Lightweight, stylish design allows you to focus on the game with maximum comfort
  • Minimizes possible 3D crosstalk distortions and reduces “ghosting” effects
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries let you play up to 30 hours without interruption
  • Optimized to sync seamlessly with the PlayStation 3D Display
  • Exclusively supports SimulView technology allowing for full-screen viewing of individual player/character actions during local 2-player game sessions – works only on Sony PS3 Displays
  • Dimensions: 3″ (w) x 7-1/8″ (h) x 2″(d)
  • Product ships with: 3D glasses, Micro-USB cable, 3D glasses pouch and instruction manual

4.Performance / Ergonomics


Sony sells their PlayStation 3 3D Glasses in only one size, that fits securely on a medium head (mine). If you have a very large  head, these 3D glasses might be too tight, also you can perform some limited adjustments. While heavier than Panasonic’s 3rd gen, they also feel tougher and stay more secure on my head. While with the Panasonic model you might often forget you are wearing glasses, with the Sony ones, you’ll certainly never make this mistake. That doesn’t mean that Sony’s 3D glasses are not comfortable, they are just larger, heavier and securely attached to your head. It is the ideal pair to give to a younger person, or a kid (MUCH harder to break than the Panasonic model as well).


While watching a 3D movie using Active Shatter Glasses will inherently reduce the image brightness, but, like the Panasonic TY-EW3D3MU 3D Glasses, the Sony ones are also on the brighter side and feel to me even a tad brighter that the Panasonic model (also confirmed by my wife, who incidentally likes the Panasonic ones more due to size/weight).

Battery Life: In terms of battery life, there is nothing to complain about. The manufacturer specifies about 30 hours of operation on a full charge which should give you enough juice for viewing several movies down the road. As with the Panasonic model, a quick couple of minutes charge will last an entire movie.


Features: Unfortunately, Sony didn’t include the ON/OFF 3D viewing button, so member of your family that cannot stand 3D are out of luck when you are watching a movie in 3D mode. I really wish this feature that I found only in Panasonic 3rd gen glasses so far would become a standard.


SimulView Technology: If you own a  PlayStation 3D Display, a couple of pairs of glasses and a PS3, combined with a supported game, you can use these glasses to play dual player in full screen mode. This unfortunately doesn’t translate to a universal support, so I wasn’t able to test this with my Epson 3010 projector. Some games currently supporting SimulView are MotorStorm: ApocalypseKillzone 3,Gran Turismo 5Super Stardust HD, etc.

Compatibility: Sony claims compatibility with a number of TV sets including Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Sharp Active Shutter 3D ready displays that use IR emitters. While no projectors are included in the list, Epson’s latest PowerLite 3D models (3010/3010e, 5010/5010e and 6010) are all compatible and work quite well together. They are actually the cheapest set I know about compatible with Epson’s 3D projectors.


Sony PlayStation 3 3D Glasses are the cheapest wide compatible 3D glasses I found on the market by far. I tested them with my Epson 3010e 3D Projector and they are working flawlessly. Although without many bells and whistles, thay are a very good performer, feel solid and I am not afraid to let my kids use them. Highly recommended for anybody on a budget.


  • price, price, price
  • solid construction
  • long battery life
  • quick charge mode, two minutes lasts an entire movie
  • Simul View let you use the full screen in dual player mode with PS3 games when using a PlayStation 3D Display


  • a bit heavy
  • tight on larger heads
  • no dedicated 3D ON/OFF button



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  • Kemi

    how did you pair your sony glasses with your projector?

  • You don’t have to pair them, they just work. The projector has an IR emitter that automatically controls all the compatible glasses.

  • Kemi

    Thanks for the reply!

    Well we’ve been trying to get our pairs of 3D glasses to work with our Epson projector for the past month. We’ve tried all sorts of things like: switching on the PS3 glasses while pairing the Epson glasses, as well as holding down the power button on the PS3 glasses.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated