Archive | February 23, 2012

Epson 3010/3010e compatible 3D glasses (M-3DI standard) – the big list

I decided to write this small article because it was very hard for me to find compatible glasses after I bought my new Epson 3010e 3D projector. Some of the glasses are hard to find in stock, so I’ll also try to keep an eye on where to find them and for the best prices.

A little bit of introduction might be necessary: Epson wisely designed their 2011 projector line to be compatible with the M-3Di standard for Active Shutter Glasses. The current companies actively producing or working toward compatible products are: Panasonic Corporation, XpanD 3D, Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd., Changhong Electric Co., Ltd., FUNAI Electric Co., Ltd., Hisense Electric Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Seiko Epson Corporation, SIM2 Multimedia S.p.A., ViewSonic Corporation.

Currently these are the glasses that have been reported to work with the 3010/3010e, 5010, etc Epson projectors, as well as with most of the new projectors and TV sets compatible with M-3Di standard (including all 2011+ Panasonic TVs) Read More…