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Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 3D Glasses Review (Model CECH-ZEG1U)


When I got my first 3D projector, the  Epson PowerLite 3010e 3D 1080p projector, I went ahead and purchased the Panasonic 3rd gen TY-EW3D3MU (also sold as twin pack under the designationTY-EW3D3MPK2), glasses that are compatible with the universal standard M-3DI and are among the very few listed on Epson’s website as compatible. I only got four pairs since the Panasonic glasses are quite expensive at around $100/pair. Last week though, I realized I need a couple of extra pairs to have around and I looked for a cheaper solution. While not officially listed as compatible with Epson 3010/5010/6010 series, the Sony PlayStation 3 3D Glasses were reported in several places as working well with my projector, so I went ahead and ordered two pairs from Amazon that currently has the lowest price (around $50 shipped). In this review, I’ll not only describe how they perform, but I’ll include side by side comparisons versus the other 3D glasses I am currently using, the 3rd gen Panasonic TY-EW3D3MU Read More…

Deal of the Day – Refurbished Kindle Fire at Amazon – $169, free shipping and no tax

If you are in the market for a really nice (and cheap) tablet, look no further – Amazon has a factory refurbished Kindle Fire for $169 shipped, the lowest price to date. You can root it and take full control if you desire, or just use it the way it was intended.

For more information, check our full Kindle Fire Review and our detailed tutorial in how to root Kindle Fire.

Panasonic TY-EW3D3MU 3D Glasses Review – Gen3 M-3DI compatible TY-EW3D3MPK2 twin pack version 2012


Several months ago, I bought a brand new Epson PowerLite 3010e 3D 1080p projector, and since I got the “e” version featuring WirelessHD (wireless HDMI) the package didn’t contain any glasses by Epson. Since the Epson glasses are quite hard to find, I had to look around and find some compatible glasses. Not, that was a chore at the time, but the first compatible glasses I found were the Panasonic 3rd gen TY-EW3D3MU (also sold as twin pack under the designation TY-EW3D3MPK2), glasses that are compatible with the universal standard M-3DI and are among the very few listed on Epson’s website as compatible. I purchased four pairs from Amazon and used them over the last three months connected to my Epson 3010e. I decided to review them to help any readers make an informed decision. Read More…

FAVI HD-120 Review – 16:9/120-Inch Electric Projector Screen 2012


Several months ago, when I knew I will make the transition from TV to a projector, I also started to look around for a projector screen. After researching online and visiting store demo rooms, I found on Amazon this FAVI HD-120 16:9 120 inch Electric Projector Screen that was selling for quite a decent price as large electric projectors go, around $257 at the time of writing. More important, Amazon had free shipping which is quite amazing considering the size of the unit. I never heard of FAVI before, but I decided to give it a try and see how it performs. The result of the last three months of use paired with my Epson PowerLite 3010e 3D projector (full review) are detailed in this Favi HD-120 review. Read More…

Epson 3010/3010e compatible 3D glasses (M-3DI standard) – the big list

I decided to write this small article because it was very hard for me to find compatible glasses after I bought my new Epson 3010e 3D projector. Some of the glasses are hard to find in stock, so I’ll also try to keep an eye on where to find them and for the best prices.

A little bit of introduction might be necessary: Epson wisely designed their 2011 projector line to be compatible with the M-3Di standard for Active Shutter Glasses. The current companies actively producing or working toward compatible products are: Panasonic Corporation, XpanD 3D, Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd., Changhong Electric Co., Ltd., FUNAI Electric Co., Ltd., Hisense Electric Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Seiko Epson Corporation, SIM2 Multimedia S.p.A., ViewSonic Corporation.

Currently these are the glasses that have been reported to work with the 3010/3010e, 5010, etc Epson projectors, as well as with most of the new projectors and TV sets compatible with M-3Di standard (including all 2011+ Panasonic TVs) Read More…

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3010/3010e 3D Projector Review 2012

1. Introduction

I was thinking for a while to make the transition to 3D, but I held back due to less than satisfactory equipment and experience. Like many, I went around the show rooms and tested various 3D TV sets, only to be disappointed by the viewing experience. While 2D TV is absolutely fine on most TV sizes, to watch 3D you need in my opinion a certain perspective, otherwise it feels like you are watching an aquarium. I wanted to feel like I am being immersed in the 3D scene, and I soon realized there is no way I can achieve my goal with a regular size TV set, so I started looking to some reasonably priced 3D full HD capable projector. Reasonably priced would been the entire setup around $2000, or $2500 at most. After a couple of months of researching (and about the same time spent in convincing my wife that we “need” yet another electronic toy), I bought Epson’s new PowerLite Home Cinema 3010 (3010e version) from Amazon (no taxes in California and they have the lowest price by far), 4 pairs of Panasonic 3D 3rd generation glasses (yes, they are compatible)  and a 120 inches FAVI motorized screen. I put everything together and the impressions will be fully detailed in this Epson 3010 review. Read More…