How to take screenshots with Kindle Fire

So you want to take screen shots from your brand new Kindle Fire? Unfortunately, Amazon didn’t make it that intuitive, unless you are a developer and now how to use Android SDK. It is not that complicated but requires a certain amount of work, at least to get it started.

This tutorial will assume that you meet the prerequisites. That means you need to have Android SDK installed and be able to communicate via ADB with your Kindle Fire once it is connected to your PC via USB. To get to this point, please read out How to root Kindle Fire tutorial where we detailed the entire process.

Step 1: Root Kindle Fire (see our tutorial)

Step 2: Connect Kindle Fire via ADB

Connect via ADB and by using adb devices command, ensure that your Kindle Fire is connected properly to your PC

Step 3: Navigate to tools folder

Navigate using the command prompt window (and cd command) to ..\android-sdk\tools. In my installation, this folder was C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools

Step 4: Start Dalvik Debug Monitor

Type ddms command followed by Enter

What ddms does is it starts the Dalvik Debug Monitor. If your Kindle Fire is properly connected, it should show like in the attached screenshot. Select from the list.

Step 5: Take screenshots

Once your Kindle Fire is selected, pressing CTRL+S on your PC will automatically take screenshots and upload them automatically on your PC in a new window. You can go ahead and take as many screenshots as you like and save them on your PC. Neat, eh?