How to root Samsung Galaxy S2 / S II / Skyrocket with Easy Root

If you are like me and bought a Galaxy S2  / Skyrocket (or thinking to buy one) you might be anxious to root it as soon as possible and unleash its full power (including possible overclock, etc). The are several solutions available at this point, but the easiest one comes from Android Creative Syndicate which recently launched Easy Root (thanks, all the credit goes to you – Shabbypenguin and the team at Android Creative Syndicate)

This procedure will also install Superuser and it won’t even require (in my case) to restart your phone. To check if proper rooted, just download something like Set CPU or root check from the Android Market, run it and you should see the Superuser pop-up pop-up prompting for access.

What is Easy Root? Basically a package consisting in ADB, a number of batch files and utilities designed to work together and root your Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket in one easy step. In order to do it, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1: Prerequisites

Before starting the process, yu will need to download the following files:

a. Samsung USB drives from here (22.81MB) – for Windows platform, name Samsung_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1_3_2200_0.exe

b. ACS Easy Root package from here (1.26MB),


First, you will need to install the Samsung USB drivers. Launch the

Step 2: Installation

a. Enable USB Debugging mode on your Samsung Galaxy device. You can do that by navigating to Settings->Applications->Development and enable the checkbox

b. Launch  Samsung_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1_3_2200_0.exe and perform the install

c. Unzip somewhere on your harddrive, for example under c:\temp. Inside the zip file you’ll notice a folder, you can just copy it under c:\temp s0 the Easy Root folder will look like C:\Temp\Skyrocket-Easy-Root

d. Navigate to C:\Temp\Skyrocket-Easy-Root (or wherever you unzipped it) and launch root.bat


Note: It is a good idea to open a Windows Command Prompt and navigate in the destination folder manually. Also, it might also be a good idea to open the Windows Command Prompt window as Administrator (right click and choose Run as Administrator).

The whole process should take several minutes and 500+ zerglings :D.

Step 3: Relax and watch Easy Root perform its magic!

Step 4: Let us know if it worked or share your problems.

  • I rooted my TMobile Galaxy S2, i am only interested in removing bloatware and hotspot.
    I am very happy, thanks for the help.
    I do have a question, if Tmobile send an update over the air to my phone can it cause problems, if yes what should i do.
    Plus how will having my phone rooted effect when they send ICS update?

  • legalizepot banfacebook

    What is the deal with this site? Is it a bait and switch?

  • legalizepot banfacebook

    Is there even a file, or are you just trying to get people to buy another service????

  • Nick S

    These are good questions. Anybody know the answer?

  • I recently got a update from AT&T and ran it (now I regret it). Looks like phone was flashed. today I try to use this Skyrocket easy root, in Admin mode CMD, but it failed, what now?

  • Pratyush Tewari

    Does anyone know a way to root android phone using a mac?

  • Uly

    Thanks a bunch. Works 100% on tmobile phone. It did damage a game I had installed that was saved on my SD card. I was forced to re-install it.

  • Never remove bloatware. Just freeze it using “bloat freezer” by Trey Holland. It is on Market. Google forced the developer to remove the paid app. But limited free app still works while he works on getting the paid app back on market. Never remove bloatware. Also, official OS updates from your carrier may or may not upset your root status so backup is essential. Unroot first if you want to update OS via your carrier. Then reroot. Make sure you backup all your apps if you want to avoid the hassle after update, then rerooting.


    it does not work for me.. it says cannot copy boomsh, permission denied, remount failed amd fails to copy all components for root. can anybody help me??


    it does not work for me.. it says cannot copy boomsh, permission denied, remount failed amd fails to copy all components for root. can anybody help me??

  • jonathan liu

    problems after rooting t-mobile SGS2. everything works fine except music/pandora via headphones is barely audible(even after maxing out media volume, maybe the amplifier got screwed up with this s/w version), and the wifi tethering hotspot auto turns off after 10 seconds(i was keeping the screen awake to see this) and no wpa encryption.

    I unrooted the phone back, and the music/pandora via headphones plays loud and clear, and the wifi tethering works like a charm with wpa encryption.

    Does anyone else have the same problems?? and any possible fixes?

  • how do you unroot ????

  • i really want to root my phone to really enjoy what the sgs2 is capable of but i dont want to be at a road block if i need to go back to the tmobile default system……besides the above steps to root my phone….is there any other steps of advice that would be helpful for a first timer rooter?

  • wayne tedder

    Hellions with BLUE flames !

    remount failed: Operation not permitted

    read-only file system

    So something has changed since this was created I’m guessing.

    T-mobile sgs2

  • Chris Wyatt

    Yeah is there an update? or a new step…This process no longer works I had the same problem as Wayne it just fails. I ran everything as Admin too. Windows 7.

    SOmeone please post some new instructions or point us in the right direction to get this phone rooted. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    It keeps telling me that the device is not found. I installed the drivers, and I enabled USB debugging mode (but strangely, I can’t enable the USB mass storage mode at the same time). Any ideas?

  • Jack Overcasher

    im thinking that the root only works on the android version 2.3.5 because i just rooted my skyrocket that i got about a week ago and everything worked fine. I believe that i read that it only works for 2.3.5 or earlier. anybody know how to unroot because in getting ready to take it back and exchange it for the note which is getting released on the 2/19/12

  • i cant download the easy root ..

  • Yer filesonic links are broken.