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How to enable USB mass storage on Samsung Galaxy S II / Skyrocket and mount it as an USB drive

If you are like me and wondered how exactly you can enable the USB mass storage on a Samsung Galaxy S II or Skyrocket device, the answer is not exactly obvious but it is quite simple. While some Android versions like CM7 will pop-up a dialog to enable the mass storage mode, the new Samsung phones are a bit different. They will acknowledge in the notification area that an USB cable is connected, but nothing more obvious than that. they certainly won’t prompt you for anything. To switch to the mass storage mode and mount the Samsung galaxy S II / Skyrocket as an USB drive, you will have to open the notification window by swiping down the notification bar and select the USB connected message. Upon selection, the familiar window showing that USB is connected will pop-up and you can put the phone in the USB storage mode simply by touching the Connect USB storage button. Simple, eh? Shortly after that, whatever partitions you have in the phone will become available as regular USB drives. Don’t forget to un-mount them after you finished the transfer, or applications in your phone relying on the SD card will malfunction. Read More…

COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO Review – Continuous Direct Contact 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler for Intel 1366/1155 and AMD FM1/AM3+

Today’s computer run faster and faster and with the speed comes increased heat dissipation. The latest CPUs featuring 4, 6 or more cores are power hogs and, especially if you overclock them, the need to keep them happy and cool is stringent. Our latest review will get into details about one of the most popular CPU Coolers on the market today – the Hyper 212 Evo by Cooler Master.

Cooler Master is a name well known to the aftermarket connoisseurs earning numerous design awards for their products. One of their newest products, Hyper 212 Evo is part of the Cooler Master’s 212 series of CPU that have quite a history, with the first member of the family to surface about 4 years ago. While the initial design sporting heatpipes is still followed, the new Hyper 212 EVO model is quite improved in both cooling capabilities and mounting design. How does it perform in the real word? Let’s proceed with the review: Read More…

How to root / jailbreak Kindle Fire using one click solution – SuperOneClick, also enable sideloading apps

Kindle Fire just started shipping yesterday and a super easy one click root / jailbreak solution is already available. We went through the steps, were able to reproduce it and duplicate the end result and we also streamlined it a bit especially for the ones that do not excel in computer skills so here it is for your Kindle Fire rooting / jailbreaking pleasure.

What is the root process bringing to the table? The possibility to install Google Android Marketplace (remember, by default Kindle Fire only comes with Amazon Marketplace), sideloading books on Kindle Fire is another enticing possibility as well.

First of all, all the credit goes to the user death2all11o that posted the solution on AndroidForums and also on XDA Developers.

Step 0. Enable sideloading on Kindle Fire

…or enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. This is exactly sideloading apps many of you are probably interested in. If you only want to add a market like GetJar, this is the only step you want to perform. Touch the top bar on your Kindle Fire and select More…->Device then turn on the Installation from unknown sources. It is that easy, thanks Amazon for not deliberately trying to hide this option. If you need a complete tutorial in enabling sideload on Kindle Fire, here it is! Read More…