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Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet officially launched, better technical specs than Kindle Fire

The mighty successor of the second best selling tablet (after iPad) Nook Color, was officially launched today and for the price, it delivers a significantly better kick than its predecessor. Barnes & Noble newest toy, Nook Tablet claims to be the Reader’s tablet and to offer the best in entertainment, with a strong orientation toward HD. Priced at a similar price with the first model Nook Color, Nook Tablet doubles pretty much everything from the storage memory (16GB vs 8GB), RAM (1GB vs 512MB) and CPU (dual core 1GHz vs single core 800 MHz) the new model should be quite a thrill to use.

Nook Tablet won’t include Amazon or Android Markets, unless you root / jailbreak it, something that I am sure will happen shortly after the launch. However, it will include a number of applications at launch including Netflix and Hulu Plus HD variants, Pandora, a Flash supporting web browser and e-mail clients, games, magazines, etc.

Its main competitor is obviously Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The two tablets are almost similarly priced ($199 for Kindle Fire vs $249 for Nook Tablet) and also share some similar specifications, with few differences. While both are lacking a camera, Nook Tablet includes double the memory of Amazon Kindle Fire for a vastly improved multi-tasking, double the storage (16GB vs 8GB) AND the inclusion of a microSDHC slot to expand the storage up to an additional 32GB for cheap. The Nook Tablet is also slightly lighter than Amazon Fire, 14.1 ounces vs 14.6 for Amazon Fire. The display seems to be an improved IPS screen at 1024 x 600 with a¬†remarkable¬†89 degrees viewing angle and the battery life is stated at up to 11.5 hours of reading and 9 hours of video (wireless off, of course).

Does this worth the additional $50 in the price over the Kindle Fire? It is up to you to decide, but don’t forget that for similarly spec’ed devices, it is the eco-system that makes or breaks a platform. We will review both devices shortly after we will receive them, so check back to our site for details, in-depth reviews and also a detailed comparison of the two tablets.

The new Nook Tablet is available for pre-order right now at B&N website for $249 and scheduled to ship on November 17th.

Check after the break for video / photo gallery / detailed technical specifications.

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