Archive | October 24, 2011

Windows 8 on HP TouchPad possible?

One can hope, right? According to various rumors around the web (which at this point are only that: rumors), the HP TouchPad hardware team is working hard to prove they shouldn’t be disbanded just yet with a proof of concept illustrating how Windows 8 Dev preview works on their recently discontinued (and hugely popular) HP TouchPads. The TouchPad devices were sold at a huge discount during the last month fire sale, the 16GB version selling for $99 while the 32GB one going for $149.

If everything works well, HP could possibly resurrect the TouchPad or release a new tablet altogether, optimized for Windows 8. Take all this with a grain of salt, but the Windows 8 porting seems to be real enough and certainly, the TouchPad is more than capable of running the Android version of upcoming Windows 8, with its dual core 1.5Ghz native processor. Not only this, but a large percentage of the HP TouchPad buyers since the fire-sale are probably technology enthusiasts, many of them with enough knowledge to make their hands dirty in some low level config/installation and it might even help Microsoft assess the Windows 8 ARM version before the official release.
Before this happens though, Android was already ported on it impersonated by a CyanogenMod 7.1 release, runs really well even in early Alpha release, includes market, Games, Apps, Netflix, Hulu, etc and our tutorial can be found right here.

via FoxNews