Archive | October 20, 2011

Monsoon announces Multi-Screen Policy Management Solution for MSOs to Manage TV and DVR Viewing/Streaming Rights

Monsoon Multimedia, the producers of the popular media streaming devices Vulkano Flow, Vulkano Lava and Vulkano Blast that connect to your set top box / DVR and give you access to the recordings or live programs over the Internet recently announced a way to allow the content providers (cable companies, etc) to control what is actually streamed, and more.
Yes, we do know that everybody would like to stream everything (ourselves included) but unfortunately the content providers don’t agree and instead of them trying to actively block future streaming devices from doing their job, it is probably a good idea to work together.
The technology just released can be embedded in the current Vulkano streaming boxes or licensed separately, eventually integrated in different eco-systems. The array of possibilities is quite wide and includes enabling streaming of specific channels, recording them, whether or not the stream is active on the tablets, with the rights management going down to per show individual settings and capable to differentiate between streaming at home or from the Internet.
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