Archive | October 3, 2011

Amazon California associates/affiliates to be re-instated

Well, what do you know…Following a deal with California Governor Jerry Brown, Amazon decided to re-instate its relationships with its California affiliates whose account was summarily closed not too long ago, at the end of June. This is an e-mail that Amazon sent today:


As you may have heard, California Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation
repealing the law that had forced us to terminate our California Associates.
We are pleased to invite all California Associates whose accounts were closed
due to the prior legislation to re-enroll in the Associates Program. 

If you haven’t already re-enrolled, please click here:

When asked to sign in, please use the same email address and password that were
previously associated with your Associates account. To make your return to the
Program as seamless as possible, when you re-enroll, your account settings
(login, Associates ID, payment information, etc.) will be the same as they were
 Traffic you referred while your account was closed won’t be eligible for
advertising fees.

For further information about re-enrollment, please click here:

Best Regards, 

The Amazon Associates Team

Obviously a lot of ex Amazon affiliates already removed their affiliate links and this exercise will just add to the frustration. The ones that didn’t bother to remove them gave Amazon quite an undeserved  gain while other probably moved to other way of making money altogether. The real question is: Will you come back?

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