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HP will keep making personal computers for now

Breaking news today folks – HP just announced that they won’t spin off the PC unit after all, reversing the last CEO Leo Apotheker decision. Hewlett-Packard’s current CEO Meg Whitman said that “keeping the unit within the company is right for the company, its customers, shareholders and business partners”. Another reason can be that Leo’s decision to sell it instantly devaluated it and HP just couldn’t find the right buyer.

To be honest, we were a bit sad to see an entire successful division go so keeping it is a bit of good news. Now, if only HP does some magic and ports Windows 8 onto their cheap (and recently discontinued) HP TouchPad line, we could really say that we are completely satisfied, and that wouldn’t be a small feat.

Read the full HP Press Release after the break

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Deal of the Day – Cheapest Surveillance DVR I have ever seen Night Owl NONB-4DVR for $69 shipped

If you are interested in a dirt cheap Surveillance DVR (Digital Video Recorder), the lowest price I have ever seen is this Night Owl NONB-4DVR 4 x BNC Compact H.264 Digital Video Recorder with Smart Phone Access at Newegg. They have it right now for only $69 but it doesn’t include the hard drive. In my opinion this is actually a good thing since you can get a SATA drive for really cheap nowadays.

Obviously, at this price you can’t expect HD quality, but for $69 you can’t really go too wrong. Just remember! It doesn’t come with a hard-drive so you’ll have to get a SATA one separately. Has a mouse, remote control and you can connect it to your TV for instant 4 in 1 camera viewing. I got one myself so expect a review quite soon. there is tax in California, of course so expect it for $75.06 shipped.

Amazon’s free Android App a Day – OfficeSuite Pro 5 (was $14.99)

Today’s free Android App of the Day in Amazon’s App Store is quite a treat – and I am talking about OfficeSuite Pro 5 with a regular daily price of $14.99.

The suite lets you create, view and edit Word and Excel documents and offers viewers for PowerPoint and PDF files. If you need to use the cloud, Google Docs are supported and well integrated in the application. Both old version and new version (XML based) of Office formats are supported. Works nicely on my CyanogenMod 7.1 enabled Nook Color and HP TouchPad.

The deal is only good for today, so grab it while you still have the chance.

via Amazon App Store

Startup Hatch & Co releases The Skinny – World’s Slimmest iPad 2 Keyboard Case

 A direct competitor to the popular ZAGGmate by Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for iPad 2 (full ZAGGmate review here) surfaces, this time from the start-up Hatch & Co. Dubbed the World’s Slimmest iPad 2 Keyboard Case, SKINNY weighs 10.4 ounces, lighter than the ZAGGmate’s 12.2 ounces and only 0.6 inches thin. The keyboard itself? An impressive 0.07 inches!!! Other technical details include 2 weeks of battery life at normal daily usage and 6 weeks in standby, Bluetooth, dedicated multimedia keys and, similar with the smart cases, it wakes/put to slip your iPad 2 when you open respectively close the case. The technology is also different than a normal keyboard, Hatch & Co replacing the standard chiclet keys with ultra-thin touch technology, similar with the one used in mobile phones.

The keyboard case is available now at Amazon for about $89 shipped, we’ll try to get ours for a full review and to see how it compares against the competition. For the photo gallery and full press release, jump after the break.

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Windows 8 on HP TouchPad possible?

One can hope, right? According to various rumors around the web (which at this point are only that: rumors), the HP TouchPad hardware team is working hard to prove they shouldn’t be disbanded just yet with a proof of concept illustrating how Windows 8 Dev preview works on their recently discontinued (and hugely popular) HP TouchPads. The TouchPad devices were sold at a huge discount during the last month fire sale, the 16GB version selling for $99 while the 32GB one going for $149.

If everything works well, HP could possibly resurrect the TouchPad or release a new tablet altogether, optimized for Windows 8. Take all this with a grain of salt, but the Windows 8 porting seems to be real enough and certainly, the TouchPad is more than capable of running the Android version of upcoming Windows 8, with its dual core 1.5Ghz native processor. Not only this, but a large percentage of the HP TouchPad buyers since the fire-sale are probably technology enthusiasts, many of them with enough knowledge to make their hands dirty in some low level config/installation and it might even help Microsoft assess the Windows 8 ARM version before the official release.
Before this happens though, Android was already ported on it impersonated by a CyanogenMod 7.1 release, runs really well even in early Alpha release, includes market, Games, Apps, Netflix, Hulu, etc and our tutorial can be found right here.

via FoxNews

Vonage Extension Apps for iPhone / Android are here

If you call internationally a lot, you are probably familiar with Vonage’s World Premium Unlimited at $54.99/month plus taxes, a plan that let you calls pretty much everywhere you want, as much as you want and includes international cell phones as well. Vonage had an extension plan for a while already, allowing you to register another line beside your main one (including a cell phone) to use with the plan, and to also call internationally without spending a penny more.

Well, starting today, you can also use your iPhone / Android handset registered as an extension and be able to make VoIP international calls from the same Vonage account. You can even add the second extension for an additional $4.99 / month if you and your significant other have the same calling needs.

via Android MarketPlace, iTunes

Free PAID Android Apps/APK today at GetJar Market – Tapatalk, Beautiful Widgets, Splashtop Remote Desktop, etc

If you need some popular PAID applications for free, head over GetJar alternative Android Market and get then for free. For those concerned, yes, the market is legit, but with the following caveat – it is not yet personalized so you won’t be able to upgrade those applications / games in the future. But they are free, so we can’t complain (that much).

Head over GetJat website for their Gold Apps list. For easier management, you can download their market to your Android device. And, before I forget I have to mention that it works on both CyanogenMod 7 Nook Color and HP TouchPad.

Free paid apps & games @ GetJar

Beautiful Widgets
TuneIn Radio Pro
Paper Camera
AllSport GPS PRO
Splashtop Remote Desktop
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Monsoon announces Multi-Screen Policy Management Solution for MSOs to Manage TV and DVR Viewing/Streaming Rights

Monsoon Multimedia, the producers of the popular media streaming devices Vulkano Flow, Vulkano Lava and Vulkano Blast that connect to your set top box / DVR and give you access to the recordings or live programs over the Internet recently announced a way to allow the content providers (cable companies, etc) to control what is actually streamed, and more.
Yes, we do know that everybody would like to stream everything (ourselves included) but unfortunately the content providers don’t agree and instead of them trying to actively block future streaming devices from doing their job, it is probably a good idea to work together.
The technology just released can be embedded in the current Vulkano streaming boxes or licensed separately, eventually integrated in different eco-systems. The array of possibilities is quite wide and includes enabling streaming of specific channels, recording them, whether or not the stream is active on the tablets, with the rights management going down to per show individual settings and capable to differentiate between streaming at home or from the Internet.
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Netflix for Android updated to 1.5.0 build 360 – adds support for Android 3.0 breaks video on CyanogenMod TouchPad and Nook Color

Update 10/23/2011: Netflix just released yet a new version specifically to fix their recently introduced CyanogenMod 7 video compatibility issue. I can confirm that now everything works fine on both Netflix and TouchPad, including the subtitles.

Netflix released their new Netflix player version for Android devices today adding the long awaited Android 3.x support, subtitles and Canada/Latin America support. This is all nice and peachy. What is not so nice is that some CyanogenMod devices are not supported properly anymore. I was able to personally test that CMP Nook Color ad HP TouchPad don’t show video anymore, just audio (and subtitles if enabled). The previous version (1.4.1) works well and if you are in need for the Netflix apk file, you can always find them in here. Some apk versions even have the automatic update check disabled.

The new version is available for free in Android Market.

webOS update 3.04 is officially out for HP TouchPad download – How To Install it along with Android CyanogenMod 7

It looks like HP won’t let webOS die just yet and officially released the new HP webOS 3.0.4 77 version, currently available for on the air update. You can trigger the update by going to Settings->System Updates and choose to download it now. Be prepared to wait a while, the whole download process it quite slow. Per HP, HP webOS 3.0.4 makes TouchPad snappier, includes a new camera app, makes it easier to find great TouchPad apps in the App Catalog, and a number of other improvements. For the full list, head over HP Palm website.

Now, if you already installed CyanogenMod 7.1 on your tablet (see our tutorial here) the update won’t break it but it will override moboot (the multi-boot). As a result, you will have to install it again using ACME Installer. Just create the cminstall folder again, drop moboot in there, put your TouchPad into USB mode immediately after restart and use ACME Installer in a command prompt window to start the installation. For more info (and re-download the moboot), check our tutorial, specifically Step 1 and Step 2.

Warning: If you installed a custom/overclocked kernel, be sure to uninstall it before upgrading your webOS, otherwise you might brick your tablet and have to head over to webOS Doctor.

I can also confirm that after you are upgrading using webOS doctor, even if you install moboot, you will loose the Android installation and you’ll have to start from the beginning. The menu from moboot will show up, but without the CM option. Reinstalling the moboot, clockwork recovery and in this particular order will fix CM7 again, and will preserve the previous state including any apps or settings you might have installed (deep sigh of relief)