Archive | August 28, 2011

HP Touchpad gets CM7 Android 2.3.5 from CyanogenMod team – for real this time

Cool, my $99 HP Touchpad is set to become much more valuable. CyanogenMod team released a video showing CM7 working quite well on the HP TouchPad altough everything is still alfa level. Considering the speed of the porting, we expect some usable images to come soon, and at the lengendary CyanogenMod quality as well, exactly the way we enjoyed their work for quite some time on Nook Color.

In a letter to RootzWiki, the first website to announce an official effort for an Android port, CyanogenMod team expressed their intention to provide a multiboot solution as well as adding hardware acceleration to the package. No ETA was provided but I think the CyanogenMod accomplishments speak for themselves.