Archive | August 22, 2011

Google TV 2.0 Add-on for Android SDK out for preview, helps developers tweak their apps for the big screen

While we still don’t know when exactly our Google TV units will get some Honeycomb love, the developers are getting a hint of what is to come with the help of a new Google TV Add-on for Android SDK and hopefully TV optimized Android Apps will follow.

The new Add-on contains only a limited set of the new Google TV 2.0 features but fortunately the new TV interaction APIs are in (including TV channel line-up). Also in are the new UI guidelines for the 10-foot experience.

If you are a developer, you can download your Google TV add-on today. In time, maybe we can finally put that $99 Logitech Revue to good use. The beta Android OS 3.1 Honeycomb leaked some time ago and offered a preview of the Android Market and the new user experience.

via Android Developers Blog