Archive | August 4, 2011

Hulu Plus comes to WD TV Live Plus and WD TV Live Hub – some games as well

For me, this is the best news for the entireĀ  month of August. All my three WD TV Live Plus boxes got Hulu Plus through a firmware update, which is absolutely amazing. Now, I can sincerely say that WD TV Live Plus is by far the best media streamer box on the market with both excellent streaming support and local/network content as well. Here is our WD TV Live Plus Review (I’ll have to update it one of these days, soo many new features were added since our initial review). Among other services suported we need to mention Netflix (subtitles, etc), YouTube, CinemaNow, Facebook, Pandora, Weather, etc. Excellent support for 1080p MKV, FLAC, Windows Network Shares and DLNA, etc.

WD TV Live Hub got the new Hulu Plus client as well, but not the older WD TV Live model since it does not contain a DRM-ed chip.

With the latest firmware update, WD TV Live Plus jumps ahead Boxee Box in terms of support and features (at least in my opinion) for a much better price as well. You can find it for around $79 right now.

As part of the same firmware update (1.06.16_B) you can now find a gaming section as part of WD TV Live Plus Menu. As you can imagine, the games are nothing to write home about (Sudoku and several others) but since they are free, we can’t really complain that much.

via Hulu Blog