How to unbrick / restore / reset Nook Touch (N2E) to its default factory state

I had a number of requests for tutorial  Nook Touch describing how to restore a rooted nook Touch to its factory default state. I’ll describe a number of methods to be used based on the gravity of the issue. If the Nook Touch still works well, you might need the quick procedure. If it is bricked, you probably need to take the more drastic measures including a complete firmware re-flash. Let’s proceed!

Note: this article, at least for the firmware re-flash part requires you to be familiar with this procedure. If you rooted your device, you probably are. However, a quick read into our initial How to root Nook Touch article might help.

Restore Nook Touch Method 1: interrupt the booting process 8 times

Step 1: Power off the Nook Touch.

Step 2: Power it on again.Step 3: Long press the power button as soon as your Nook Touch starts booting (and you see the starting message) to stop it forcibly. If it doesn’t want to start anymore, try Home + Power buttons pressed simultaneously (a kind of forced reset)
Step 4: Go to step 2 again and repeat the whole sequence 8 times.

If you successfully managed to repeat the procedure 8 times, it will erase both user data and data partition. This will solve the restoring issue for most of the users.
Method two: Complete recovery

Step 1: Power off your Nook Touch

Step 2: Power it up again. When the boot message appears, push and hold down for several (5) seconds the left and right page buttons on the bottom. The Nook Touch will then display a message asking you to perform a system wipe. If you still want to do it, click Home two times. The whole step might take up to several minutes.

Restore Nook Touch Method three: Flashing the initial firmware

This is the most effective way to restore your Nook Touch, the only problem is that it requires you to be pro-active. That means you need to backup it before you start playing with it so you have a clean firmware backup. You can use the backup method described here. Make sure, as the original article suggests that your back-up file resulted is 1958739968 bytes long.

Once you have a backup of your own firmware, you can use the same process as when you root it to restore the firmware back on your Nook Touch using Win32DiskImager for Windows. You’ll also need the MiniTool partition Wizard to erase all the Nook Touch partitions prior of using the Win32DiskImager.

Method 4:  In case everything else fails. Wait until B&N issues a firmware update which will override your rooted Nook Touch. This will of course work only if your Nook Touch is still usable.


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  • Andrea Gerber

    Excellent, thank you!

  • Rich Howland

    Thanks. Rooting didn’t last. Wanted to get my Nook back.

  • Rich Howland

    Thanks. Rooting didn’t last. Wanted to get my Nook back.

  • Domain Admin

    Thank you! It worked great!

  • Thanks a lot!!! I hope it will work T________T

  • Thanks a lot!!! I hope it will work T________T

  • Just started having problems with my six-month-old Nook Touch. Time seems to be half an hour late (no way to adjust the clock) and every time I go to “Home” area and try to get back to the book I’m reading, it takes me to the first page again. The books even appear to be 1 page long in the home area. I can only restart reading where I had left it if I go back to “Library” and open the ebook again (it also opens slowlier). I have updated the firmware but nothing seems to be working. Any help? Thanks!

  • Alex Sir

    Thank you very much for this and for still having it up.