Android Market 3.0.26 launched, adds movie rentals, competes with Netflix, works on Nook Color

Very soon after Netflix made news inflating their monthly subscription prices, Google released a new version of their Android Market version 3.0.26 that beside selling apps, now sells books and rents movies. The new Android Market apk is compatible with Android 2.2+ devices, more visually appealing than the previous version and supports multiple accounts as well. I uploaded the apk it here so you can download it immediately and I am happy to report that it works well with my CyanogenMod 7 Nook Color. The only problem is that on a rooted device, you cannot rent movies, but everything else works well.
Talking about how the new Android Market looks, is it just me or the tiles design resembles WP7 interface?

Check after the break for a YouTube video and photo gallery demo-ing the new market app and features.

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  • John Bowman

    how did you get the install to work? I tried thru dropbox and it wont install

  • I used Astro File Manager

  • John Bowman

    thanks…. got it working =)