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Airplane crash on runway avoided in the last second – Otopeni Airport, Romania

Not exactly gadget related, but interesting nonetheless. About a week ago, a tragedy almost happened at Otopeni Airport, Bucharest, Romania. Apparently, a traffic controller gave a landing green-light to an airplane (ROT382 coming from Paris and carrying 200 passengers ) belonging to the Romanian company TAROM on the same runway where an airplane belonging to the Greek company Aegean was preparing to take off.  A horrible disaster was prevented by the quick thinking of the Romanian pilot who was able to lift the plane at the last moment.

What exactly has happened is not known for sure, but the officials blame the potential catastrophe on a miscommunication between the control tower and the Aegean airplane which didn’t stop in the designated position before proceeding onto the runway. Check a video simulation after the break also containing the control tower recorded exchanges, especially the “Aoleu” – Romanian equivalent of “Oh My God!” or “Holly Cow” at 1:24. The red plane is the Aegean, the blue is the TAROM airplane. Read More…

HP’s TouchPad Kindle Review

True to their word to bring Kindle platform to everything including your toaster, Amazon launched Kindle app for HP’s newest tablet toy, TouchPad. The application is free and matches 100% the functionality found on other platforms like Android and iPhone / iPad. That means Amazon bookstore, synchronization across platforms, etc. The basics are there as well, including portrait / landscape support, text size and font selection, search, etc.

If you want to get yours, it is free via HP App Catalog. I got mine, let’s see how it performs.

TouchPad Kindle App Review

I will start by declaring that I love reading, and my daily commute by train gives me ample opportunities to follow my passion. That being said, I tried a number of reading devices, mostly to write reviews. I started with Nook (not the Nook Color), bought Kindle 2 and 3, Nook Color which I root Read More…