Archive | July 11, 2011

My iPhone 4 took a bath – the story of how I dealt with the water damage

Unfortunately I forgot that I had my iPhone 4 in my pocket and plunged in the pool. I figured out what I did 5 seconds later, but it was too late, the damage was already done. In the next several minutes, my phone started to get really hot, no doubt due to some short circuit that drained the battery really fast. In the next 4-5 days I tried to dry it completely through several methods and eventually the iPhone started to work again. You need to know that water damage is not covered under the warranty and not even if you paid for the  AppleCare Protection Plan (APP). If you went through a similar experience (with your iPhone or any other smartphone), here are some tips that might help you deal with this annoying issue:

0. Important: Do not attempt to power it!

1. If you can, take the battery out immediately. Unfortunately Apple in their infinite wisdom designed their devices to prevent you from doing that. A good idea is also to remove the SIM card.

2. Shake it gently in an effort to take as much water out as possible. In iPhone’s case, the water might come out through the charging port or through the headphone socket.

3.  Let the phone out in the sun to dry. Place it face down because a powerful sun might damage the screen. To prevent overheating, do not let it out for too long.

4. When the smartphone is reasonably dry, it is time for the next step. Try to get some desiccant. You might find some small packages of Silica gel included in either pill boxes or electronics. If you collected some of them, it is a good time to put them to a good use. Rice is also a reasonably good hygroscopic substance (means it can suck the water vapors out of its immediate vicinity) that can be used if you don’t have Silica gel. Get both the desiccant / rice in a closed dry jar and leave your iPhone inside for 4-5 days. Resist the temptation to check after only a day and do not attempt to power it up before the 5 days passed!!! Read More…