Archive | July 2, 2011

iPad 2 jailbreak beta leaks ahead of official release – via iPad_4.3.3_8j2.pdf

Update: The official iPad 2 jailbreak is out. Check here how to do it!

Well, it looks like it finally happened. The long awaited iPad 2 jailbreak is here, albeit not “officially”, if this is a good word to describe a hack.┬áJailbreakMe 3.0 is the work done by Comex and one of the people in the team is rumored to have released the Beta iPad 2 jailbreak ahead of schedule. One of the good news is that you won’t need anything fancy, other than just to point a browser to a specific place and load a specific PDF file. As of right now, only the PDF file exploiting the vulnerability for iOS 4.3.0 is still up, the other for 4.3.3 was taken down already. The video describing how to jailbreak iPad 2 is still up on YouTube though and you can take a look here. Read More…