Netflix device limit jumps from 6 to 50 for one account – toaster and refrigerators rejoice

You know, we kept complaining about how the 6 device limit in your Netflix account is just not reasonable enough anymore, now with all the smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray Players, gaming consoles and everything else imaginable that can play Netflix now, and we took our complaints to Netflix. The company listened and increased the limit of simultaneously activated devices from 6 to 50 per account. Now, this is a number you are unlikely to reach anytime soon and if you reach it, you shouldn’t care that much. If you navigate to your Netflix Account, Netflix ready devices section, you might notice the following explanation:

You may watch instantly on up to 50 unique devices including personal computers and Netflix ready devices. You may also use this page to manually de-register devices you no longer wish to use for watching instantly. A deactivated device can be reactivated later if you wish to resume using it.

Attached is a screenshot of my current Netflix account: (The HTC Vision Device is actually a CyanogenMod 7 Nook Color that works perfectly with Netflix). This list doesn’t even show all the PCs I use.


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