Hulu signs Miramax deal, expect many movies on Hulu Plus today

Miramax signed a deal recently with Netflix to bring many of their movies to your instant queue and today they announced a second partner for streaming – Hulu. Many quality movies in the collection including Reservoir DogsPulp FictionClerksSling BladeThe English PatientTrainspottingGood Will Hunting and Amelie are available on Hulu Plus starting today. Regular Hulu service which is free will not have the new package available.

What is really interesting and a radical departure from the standard Hulu Plus experience is that the new Miramax movies will stream ad-free (and HD). I wonder if this is a sign that Hulu is trying to be more competitive against Netflix. I use both services, Hulu Plus mostly for the TV shows like House or Bones and let me tell you, it is a really frustrating experience not only because of the ads, but also because many shows are only available on the Web, via your computer but not on the media streamer boxes. Good thing I still have my good old HTPC and run Hulu Dekstop straight from the Media Center.

If you just don’t want to pay for Hulu Plus, you’ll be able at some point to see a subset of 15 Miramax movies rotating on regular Hulu, but obviously full of ads. Better than nothing though, although that $7.99 monthly subscription gives you more and more with every new deal. If you are interested in the best Hulu Plus experience, here is our article about best Hulu capable devices.

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  • Dylan

    You can’t beat an HDMI cable straight from PC to TV. But if you’re not setup for it PlayOn is great for getting free Hulu to your TV!