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MoviePass – Unlimited Movies for $50/month

While still quite expensive, it might very well work for you. There is a new service in town that tries to capitalize on our wish for “all you can it” but applied this time to movies IN THEATER. If you have enough time on your hands and $50/month is not an issue,  MoviePass lets you watch everything you want. The standard subscription only lets you watch regular movies, every IMAX or 3D show is an additional $3 per movies. If $50 is too much or you don’t have enough time, the cheaper package gives you 4 movies / month for only $30 which is still a good deal in my opinion.

The system doesn’t yet work nationwide with a private beta in San Francisco (where else?) at this point and more by the end of the summer. You can use a smartphone app to book your tickets and hopefully MoviePass will be successful enough to work with a theater near you.

Right now, MoviePass is in a kind of “word of mouth” mode. You can sign for free and if you can convince 10 of your friends to also sign you’ll get earlier access and a chance for a free full year subscription.

What do you think? Would you watch enough movies to make the monthly price work for you? Would you consider getting a year round subscription or only for a couple of month in the summer?

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LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer tablet for kids available for pre-order on 06/29

Now that tablets are the most sought after gadgets ever, your kids should be able to enjoy one as well, or at least this is what LeapFrog is trying to convince you. Called LeapPad Explorer, the device is actually cute, comes with 2 GB memory, embedded camera, microphone and a 5-inch LCD touchscreen at 272×480 pixels. Over 100 games and learning apps available via downloads ($5) or game cartridges ($25) by the end of the year.

All of these would be rather unimpressive if the tablet wouldn’t feature some social capabilities. However, Story Studio will unleash your children creativity teaching them animations of Disney beloved characters while the parents will be able to earn bragging rights by sharing the creations on Facebook.

LeapPad Explorer can be pre-ordered starting tomorrow June 28 from LeapFrog store and will also be available in stores on Aug. 15.

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MySpace slowly converts into EmptySpace, cuts 75% of the workforce

Update: …and the buyer is…Digital ad network Specific Media. I guess MySpace users will see even more ads when Specific Media will try to squeeze the current audience for all it is worth money wise. Expect the number of users to drop rapidly as they run away in fear to escape the ad bombardment.

If you don’t know yet how a failing company prepares itself to be sold, I’ll tell you: Getting skinnier. Rumors  have it that about 300 MySpace employees will get the axe tomorrow joining the other 340 that were fired earlier this year. This way, reduced to its bare-bones,  MySpace will get ready to be sold sometime this week although the potential buyer is still to be announced. There are several potential interested parts including Living Social, Buzzmedia and a couple of investors. The price might also indicate a fire-sale with some expectations at only $30 million, a far cry from the $580 million News Corp paid for the social site in 2005 and a drop in the ocean compared to Facebook current valuation of $70 billion.

The is not clear what future if any the embattled company will have in the light of competition from the top social media monsters like Twitter and Facebook. Unlike Facebook, MySpace reported losses of $165 million only last quarters.

Angry Birds for Nook Color gets free Mighty Eagle if you play in Barnes and Noble Stores

It looks like Barnes and Noble is getting serious in their plans to support their own Android App Store for Nook Color and announces its first exclusive – a tweaked Angry Birds version for Nook Color that gives you goodies for playing it in B&N stores (and being connected to B&N WiFi network), making the first Angry Birds implementation to be location aware. Apparently, B&N tries to steal some of the Apple’s “magic” designating their own stores as a “Magic Place”.

The first bonus to be given in the above “Magic Place” is a free Mighty Eagle with other in-game bonuses and content made available to returning visitors. It is obviously a clever marketing trick to get as many visitors as possible, considering the popularity of Rovio’s game. The deal between Rovio Read More…