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Deal of the Day – Peggle for free at Amazon Android App Store

After Plants vs Zombies and Chuzzle, here comes the third PopCap game to be launched (and free for a day) at Amazon Android App Store. This time, is Peggle, a really addictive game and one of my personal all time favorites. The deal will be live on Tuesday, 6/21 so don’t forget to get yours. Even if you don’t have an Android device yet, just get the game. It is free instead of $2.99 and it will be an Amazon exclusive for two weeks. Can’t wait to try it on my CyanogenMod7 Nook Color.

Update: Got it, and I am happy to report it works just fine on Nook Color, smooth, no lag. You might get an error (before downloading it) related to incompatible device, especially if you changed your build.prop to fix the chipmunks issue when running Netflix, but you can buy the game from Amazon’s website (via the provided link), install it via Amazon Store on your Android device and it will run like a dream. Played already through a couple of levels and everything is peachy. Just don’t forget to move it to SD card after installation. It takes around 75MB memory space.

Check after the break for several screenshots. Read More…

Deal of the day – Kingston V+100 SSD 96GB $104.88 after a $50 rebate

…and from a reputable seller nonetheless. Amazon has the Kingston SSD Now model SVP100S2/96G for a really good price of $154.88 minus $50 rebate makes it exactly $104.88 (vs $169.99 on NewEgg right now), no taxes and free shipping in most of the states. Good brand name, speeds of up to 230MB/sec read and 180MB/sec write and a good price right now makes it a winner. I have SSD drives in both my notebook and my Windows Media Center HTPC and believe me, nothing beats an under 25s boot from cold start to Windows 7 with Media Center loaded!

Just got it myself, expect a review soon!

You can download the rebate form Amazon’s website, valid if you order between today, 06/20 and 06/26/2011. The rebate form is also valid on a number of other SSD models/capacities from Kingston as well.

HP TouchPad Wi-Fi available for pre-order at Amazon for $499, ships on July 1st

If you just can’t wait to have the new webOS powered tablet built by HP in your hands, the HP TouchPad WiFi version is finally available for pre-ordering with the shipping slated for July 1st (at least for US, everybody else will get it through the summer months). The price is similar with Apple’s iPad 2 at $499 for the 16GB model or $599 for the 32GB model and it can be pre-ordered now from Amazon and a bunch of other big stores as well, including HP, NewEgg and BestBuy. Being in California though, we much prefer to do our shopping at Amazon due to a tiny reason called taxes, but your situation might differ. Check after the break for the HP TouchPad full technical specs.

Accessories available – HP Touchstone dock and HP Portable wireless keyboard. Read More…

Sony announces PS3 model CECH-3000B, lighter and power frugal

Unfortunately only for Japanese market at this point, CECH-3000B is a new PS3 hardware version that Sony plans to release on June 30th, only 10 days away. The new PS3 model comes with a number of improvements, notably a lower power consumption (around 200W compared with 230W for the current model, CECH-2500B). The hard-drive capacity will remain the same with two versions (160GB and 320GB) while the weight will decrease from 3kg (6.6lb) to 2.6kg (approx 5.7lb). The price for the newer model is 34980 yen or  around $435 ah the current exchange rates and will be available standalone or as part of a PVR Recorder Pack which will include torne, an USB – ISDB-T TV tuner. A new game, Tales of Xillia will be part of the upcoming 160GB model.

The lowered power consumption is very important, especially if you have more than one PS3 in your home. Considering that PS3 is the only game console able to play Netflix / VUDU / Hulu Plus without a monthly fee and includes a Blu-ray drive, it has become the multimedia device of choice for many cable cutters and I can imagine many of us are eagerly awaiting the availability of the new model in the US. Check after the break for a photo gallery and a link to the Sony Playstation Japan web page describing the new model. Read More…