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How to root Nook Touch and side load apps (Kindle, ADW launcher, Amazon App Store), review

Following our successful tutorials about rooting the Nook Color, we decided to write a new tutorial involving the new Barnes and Noble eReader, Nook Touch. Much like its older brother, the original nook, Nook Touch is build on top of an Android (2.1) based platform, and, as a result, fully capable of being rooted / hacked. The new Nook Touch has a faster processor, memory and overall a better hardware than its older brother and also a much longer battery life. Let’s go ahead and see what extra functionality / advantages you can Read More…

Walmart starts selling Roku XD media streamer boxes

Until not too long ago, the famous Roku media streamer boxes were only available on company’s website or at Amazon. Then, they went to Best Buy and now to Walmart. Currently, Roku XD will set you back $78 when ordering from Walmart, same price at Amazon, although Amazon charges no local taxes in most of the states. Its big brother, Roku XDS model will also be available at Walmart for $98 (but a quick check shows it as “not sold in your store” in SoCal). If interested, check our full hands-on Roku XD review in here.

The Roku was the first manufacturer to release a dedicated Netflix media streamer hardware and their current boxes are cheap, support Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand and literally hundreds of official and private channels. 1080p and HDMI output is also available.

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Boxee software for your computer will get a fall update

Once Boxee started to develop their Boxee Box, the free PC / MAC / Ubuntu versions were somewhat forgotten, which kinda makes sense considering the development team size and the fact that the computer version produced no revenue stream whatsoever. A lot of fans were predictably pissed off and generated a fair amount of noise on Boxee’s forums.

Fortunately for everybody that doesn’t necessarily want to fork the cash for a dedicated box, it looks like the development for the software only version wasn’t canceled, just slowed down. Boxee’s CEO Avner Ronen just announced on Boxee’s Blog that the Boxee for PC . MAC / Ubuntu OSes will get a much needed fall update and that that point will also become open source. We hope that this new development will open the door to many user generated plug-ins and enhancements which might also help the dedicated cousin to get some new and useful features. I am still looking at a solution to completely replace my Media Center software, but at this point, my HTPC runs a combination of Windows Media Center + Media Browser / Boxee / Hulu Desktop.

via Boxee Blog