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Cloudy in SoCal, XBOX Live to get profile cloud storage

I don’t know what is going one lately in SoCal but I don’t remember any year with a worse weather than 2011. Today it rained and overall, the average temperature is at least 10 degrees under the historical average for this period. But we DO have E3 and Microsoft announced today a bunch of goodies, from Live TV streaming, UFC, Kinect / Bing voice search and YouTube to cloud storage for your game saves and Live Profile. That’s it, no more carrying around that idiotic XBOX only compatible memory stick.

How it will work? Every achievement, points, profile data and game saves will travel with you wherever you go so Read More…

YouTube, UFC, Bing Search and live TV streaming make XBOX 360 the best alternative to cable

While not live yet (you’ll have to wait for the fall update) the new features announced for XBOX 360 will make it the best alternative to cable subscription, so if you are thinking to cut your cable cord, XBOX 360 might be the choice platform for you. Let’s go a little bit in detail for each new features announced during today’s E3 event:

  • Redesigned XBOX 360 interface – Microsoft will change the current XBOX 360 Dashboard to one using METRO style (based on tiles), similar with Windows Phone 7 UI
  • Voice search using Bing / Kinect controller – it is true, Bing Search will find its way to XBOX 360 and will enable media search using your own voice. You’ll be able to search for a movie / video / TV Show and XBOX 360 will find it from a variety of video services, including Netflix, Hulu, Zune, YouTube or the web
  • YouTube – yep, it will be part of XBOX Live experience
  • Live TV (no new partners announced in US) but UK Sky is a go. Also, Canal+ in France.
  • UFC – access fighter profiles, training videos, watch live weigh-ins and even order pay-per-view events on the XBOX 360

As you can imagine, all the new features will require Live Gold, but let’s be honest – those $4 / month seem more and more worthwhile.

Personally, I cut the cable cord long time ago and I cannot be happier. My wife actually mentioned that since we don’t have a cable subscription anymore we are watching more TV. The combination Netflix / Hulu Plus takes care of all our needed shows, VUDU for newer movies and clear QAM tuners / Windows Media Center server take care of our  local channels. And recording the shows on the server while watching them via connected XBOX 360 units acting as extenders works really well.

See Microsoft’s full Press Release after the break…

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Review Horizon gets Disqus powered commenting system

Starting today, Review Horizon gets a new commenting system – powered by Disqus. What is so good about this? Well, Disqus allows threaded comments, real-time updates, the capability to use your pre-existing social account with Facebook, Twitter, and OpenID compatibility to name just a few and of course, a comment ranking system as well. Many high profile websites are also using Disqus commenting system as well including CNN, Mashable, All Things Digital and Engadget. Check it out and let us know how you like it.

The moderation system is also improved in an effort to weed out the wannabe spammers. Let us know how the new system works for you and any advantages / disadvantages  in your opinion.

Digg Digg v4.5.3 WordPress Plugin brings Google +1 button

Just days ago after we announced the availability of Google+1 button for websites and our hope in an upcoming WordPress plugin implementing the functionality, here it is: The popular Digg Digg plugin in its v4.5.3 version is here and with its latest update brings Google +1 functionality to be added to your collection of social buttons.

Beside being Google’s official response to the popular Facebook Like button, Google +1 plays a major role in determining how relevant a certain post is, and thus determining its rank and position in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). So, of you like our articles, you are strongly encouraged to +1 anything you like. Good thing there is not a Google -1 button yet ;).