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Craig CMP 738a Review – $75 Android tablet from CVS


When I first saw this tablet at CVS, I was curious on multiple levels. I was curious what a $75 ($99 originally, but $25 coupons are floating around everywhere, they are actually easier to find than Craig tablets in stock at CVS) can offer. I was curious if it can be rooted and I was curious if my 7 year old will be able to use it successfully (and I won’t care that much if he breaks it). I bought it, played a couple of days with it without rooting it, that I realized is rather limited so I was able to install two different custom ROMs, one based on Android 2.1, the other based on Android 2.2 (full details about how to root Craig CMP 738a here). Both of them hugely increased the Craig CMP 738a speed and response time transforming the crippled  $75 device into Read More…

Sony hacked again twice (So-Net – Japan and fishing in Thailand) – May 20 2011

In another embarrassing moment, Sony gets hacked again, although this time, it seems that PSN are safe! For now!

The victim this time is So-Net, the ISP (internet service provider) of Sony Japan who alerted its customers that an intruder broke in their system and stole some points (see, not only Microsoft is using them). The points are valued at $1,225 which is peanuts for Sony, compared with the new embarrassment. The new attack comes as another proof that Sony really needs to sort its online business on a global case, especially now when it seems to be almost trendy to hack them.

So-Net announced that for now, they stopped the points exchange and requested its customers to change their passwords. We hope that they also patched the vulnerabilities, otherwise they will be hacked again.

…and it happened yet again – F-Secure, an IT security company reported that one of the Sony servers in Thailand was hacked posting a fishing website instead. It has been fixed meantime, however F-Secure was able to get their screenshots (targeting an Italian credit company) and proof.

Update (05/23/2011): And now we are at the seventh Sony breach, this time it is Sony Music Greece that felt the wraith of whatever hackers Sony personally annoyed. Currently, Sony Music Greece website is down and there is no way to know what exactly happened this time. Who said seven is a lucky number?

In related news, Sony just released their financial numbers and the result is a whooping $3.2 billion loss for the fiscal year ending March 31st. Among the main culprits for the abysmal numbers, the earthquake in Japan, projected losses to its PSN outage and also because of obviously less cool products compared with let’s say 20 years ago.

via Reuters