Archive | May 18, 2011

Microsoft to replace some XBOX 360 units that cannot read disks with brand new 250GB slim model

It looks like some of us we’ll be in luck – If you are hit by a recent XBOX 360 bug which, thanks to a firmware update rendered your XBOX 360 incapable to read some disks, generating a ‘disc unreadable’ or ‘disc unsupported’ error in the process, Microsoft will do the right think and replace the unit for free. What is REALLY interesting is that they won’t replace your unit with another crappy refurbished unit which seems to be the industry norm nowadays, but with a shiny new 250GB slim unit. Per Microsoft declarations, the error is not related to their recent beta which modified the firmware to allow an extra gigabyte of space on a DVD, but to an earlier one.

There is not yet known how many units are affected and will be exchanged but you won’t be able to just pretend it happens and get a new XBOX. Once you start a request, Microsoft will be able to detect the issue via XBOX Live and establish if you are actually affected or just looking for a free upgraded. Then, you will have to send your console in and will get the replacement. I wonder how many as-is eBay units are suddenly jumping in price at this very moment?

Beside the console exchange, Microsoft will throw in a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live for good measure, $50 value today.

While I am sure there are plenty of fans jumping to criticize yet again Microsoft for its XBOX issues, I am SURE no one can complain about the method of fixing it :D.