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Best Tablet to buy in 2011 – Reviews of top 10 list most popular tablets

The tablet market, led by iPad really exploded as a market in 2010 and they will destroy other large portable devices in terms of sales for this year as well. What is different in 2011 however is the amount of new models the hardware manufacturers unleashed on the market, making it hard to chose (aside some obvious and popular choices). We did not differentiate based on the operating system, either Android or iOS (although we gave extra points for the availability of popular applications depending on the platform)

If you are like us, you want the best in exchange for your hard earned money and the tablets are quite expensive, especially the most powerful ones. We’ll try to make your choice  easy by listing an easy top (at least in our opinion) of tablets recently launched and also describing pros, cons and specific features for each tablet. For many positions, our top tablet list will also match the top selling tablets as well since for large numbers of units sold, the public opinion tends to coincide on technical qualities as well.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading all the reviews we added for our top tablet list of 2011, as much as we enjoyed writing them. We’ll also keep this list updated to by adding any new Read More…

Google HaaS – Hardware as a Service – Chrome OS laptops at $20/month for schools, including upgrades

We’ll have to see exactly how that will work out, but Google just detailed their latest in Chrome OS – notebooks offered as a service at $20 / month for schools and $28 / months for business. The hardware will be provided by Samsung and Acer while the software will include Chrome OS, of course at the underlaying platform but with some updates: You’ll also be able to use it offline with offline versions of Google Docs, Calendar and GMail. Scheduled to be launched in several months, this summer the new notebooks will include streaming clients for popular services like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

As we specified, the hardware will be available from Samsung and Acer. Samsung announced their 0.79 inches thin Samsung Series 5 ChromeBook featuring dual core 1.66Ghz  Intel Atom N570, able to provide 8.5 hours of battery life, 12.1 inches LCD display (1280 x 800 resolution) and 3.26 pounds heavy. Connectivity wise, you’ll get 802.11n, USB ports, 16GB flash, 1 MP camera and even an optional global 3G (not specified if this will increase the monthly price, but don’t look for any data service at this price). If you want to buy one outright, you can do it starting on June 15th, just 4 days from now at retailers like BestBuy and Amazon. Prices? $429 WiFi option, $499 3G option with 100MB Read More…

Boxee Box Fiona 1.1 Firmware Released (ver.

Boxee Box is an excellent media streamer / player, one of the best ever tested, supporting a huge number of channels and local content with Windows network shares support as well, however, nothing is perfect and, with the new Fiona Fiona firmware release, Boxee Box gets a little bit more mature. Among the new notable features there is a big browser update that improves the user interface, better HTML5  that will make the browser compatible with HBO GO, must have new features as Bookmarks (Favorites) and History, new OnScreen Display for better notifications, new Movie Trailers Channel, original artwork beside NFO files is also supported and finally  a new channel with various improvements, SnagFilms and WealthTV.
Check after the break for the full additions / features list and also check our Boxee Box Review. Currently available for sale for around $184 at the time this post was written.