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Best Hulu Plus capable media players / streamers boxes

While a very popular question is “What is the best Netflix media player”, in this article we will explore the media players capable of playing Hulu Plus, as the service becomes more and more popular. To build such a list is a little bit harder because there are not that many boxes supporting Hulu Plus at this time and the top list might as well include them all at once. We reviewed quite a few media streamer boxes on our website so we can make a good educated opinion while reviewing important aspects as stability, speed, and additional features.

1. Sony PS3


Without any doubt, the best Hulu Plus capable media player is Sony PS3. It has power to Read More…

Best Cydia Apps for 2011 – iPhone

What makes iPhone / iPad jailbreaking such a popular process is the additional functionality that gets unlocked together with a number of very popular and useful applications that will never see the light of day in the official app store. You might wonder yourself – Is jailbreak legal? and the answer is yes (only if the term applies to electronic devices, of course). The government, specifically the U.S. Copyright Office declared it legal “for the purpose of running legal acquired/developed applications” so with this question answered, let’s dig a little bit into the huge amount of legal Cydia applications and see what we can find. The list is up to date as of May 2011.

We mentioned Cydia: If you do not yet know, Cydia is THE app store for jailbroken iDevices. Many applications that for some reason or another didn’t make it into the official Apple App Store can now be found on Cydia, free or for a fee. Even Read More…

AT&T to finally enable Amazon app market, side load apk?

If rumors are true, we might finally see a change of heart from the telecommunication giant. As you know, without rooting it is impossible at this point to side load applications on AT&T Android smartphones and unfortunately this policy also left Amazon Android App Market out in the cold. Things might change though and the latest handset to be launched by AT&T, Samsung Infuse 4G had the option to install apps from “unknown sources” leaving the door open for all kind of possibilities. It is not yet sure if this is a one time fluke or AT&T is starting a new era for Android smartphone owners, but it’s a start.

We don’t have anything official from AT&T but we’ll assume their PR department is just slow. We hope it wasn’t just an unintentional error on their side.

via Android Community

REDSN0W 0.96RC15 UNTETHERED JAILBREAK for IOS 4.3.3, everything else but iPad 2

Another iOS version, another redsnow jailbreak. Just days after iOS 4.3.3 is released,  iPhone Dev Team also released a new Redsn0w version, RC 15 (0.96rc15) for your jailbreak pleasure. Like the last version, this version is also is untethered (meaning you only have to perform it once ans sticks even if you reboot your iDevice) and once again it is very similar with the previous method since, luckily Apple has not close the vulnerability the tool is using since iOS 4.3.2.

The new redsnow version 0.96rc15 update works on all iOS devices supporting iOS version 4.3.3 (iPhone3GS, iPhone4 (GSM), iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G, iPad1, AppleTV2G (v4.3 8F202))  but once again iPad 2 is left out. Tough nut to crack, deh, although rumor has it that famous geohot hacker (yeah, the one behind the PS3 hub-bub) will try his luck where everybody else failed (or where nobody has gone before if you wish). We wish him tons of luck. Meantime, if you want to jailbreak your iOS 4.3.3 toy, download redsnow from here (filename and follow the same instructions we published for iOS 4.3.1. They are identical. Just be sure to download the right 4.3.3 ipsw files for your iDevice (links after the break, directly from Apple so you can be sure are safe).

Note: redsn0w allows now to enable “multitasking gestures”, useful for the owners of iPad devices. Read More…