Archive | May 3, 2011

Roku can now play your local content via the new Plex channel

We all know Roku is a marvelous media streamer box, the best there is considering how many web clients it implements (the big three Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Video on Demand) plus hundreds of others including Pandora, Revision 3, etc (See our Roku review here). Where the box is lacking though is in local content support when other solutions like  WD TV Live Plus and Boxee Box beat Roku boxes hands down. Slowly, things are starting to change, not necessarily thanks to Roku but thanks to 3rd party players like PlayOn. The last one to enable local content (local as in located on your home network) playback is coming from Plex.

Plex solution consists in two components: the server, which has to run on a computer (PC or MAC) on your network and will take care of video transcoding as well. The client, comes in various shapes, usually as software for popular devices. Currently, Plex has clients for Android / iOS  and, with the addition of a new Roku channel, on Roku boxes as well, starting today. A Roku box can play only h.264 video so the server will have to execute the Read More…

Amazon Kindle color tablets to arrive in time for holidays

DigiTimes reports that Amazon will soon start selling Kindle color tablets, based on some information leaked by Quanta Computer, a large notebook maker based in Taiwan. The news in itself is not particularly a surprise giving the lack of such a product from Amazon and the remarkable success Barnes & Noble has with their Nook Color, the second most wanted tablet behind only Apple’s iPad and with over 3 million units sold in less than a year.

At this point it is much to early to speculate about its hardware, although  rumors around the web mention FFS (fringe field switching) displays, similar with Nook Color’s own IPS display and touch panels coming from EIH (E Ink Holdings, a manufacturer also from Taiwan).

As I said, it is too early to speculate although with Amazon’s Android App Market now fully working, it makes sense that it will be an Android tablet, thin and light, optimized for reading (although media consumption via Amazon’s Cloud Drive also comes into mind) but it should be interesting to see if Amazon wants to release a full featured tablet (cameras, GPS , etc or a scaled down model similar with Nook Color to keep the prices down. A full featured Read More…