Nook Color April Release to arrive on Monday April 25, brings Flash and App Store

If various rumors are to be believed, the highly anticipated April release destined to transform Nook Color officially in a tablet expanding its eReader capabilities will arrive sometime on Monday, April 25 2011. While there is not yet an official announcement, various posts from B&N employees tend to point toward this date.

Initially announced by HSN for mid-April, the update coincides with a change in how B&N markets the Nook Color. On their website, Nook Color is not called an eReader anymore but “The Reader’s Tablet”, an obvious sign B&N looks for a more universal usage for its device. And, if the numbers say anything, they are going to succeed. With over 3 million Nook Color sold in less than a year, B&N is on the second place in terms of units sold, behind only iPad.

Check back here on Monday for a quick review of the new software version, or if you really want an open device, visit our series of article about how to root the Nook Color and convert it in a full featured tablet with market and Android 2.3.

Update: It’s alive!

  • you might want to run a spell check on your text before you click post…

    Thanks for the update though – this thing is gonna be in my hands soon!!