Jamo S 606 HCS 3 Review – Floorstanding / Home Theater speaker system


While not yet very well known in US, Jamo has quite a tradition in Europe (originally Denmark) as a speaker manufacturer company selling over 11 million speakers until 1998. Currently the brand is owned by Klipsch being purchased in 2005 and it seems to be part of an aggressive promotion on the US market considering the low price some of their speaker systems are currently selling for.
I was thinking for a while to replace my old Sony SS-MF600H based home theater system with something better while keeping the price low and found the Jamo S 606 HCS 3 speaker system Studio series home theater speaker system at Amazon for the quite low price of $400 shipped (not $350 shipped) and no taxes. They looked very good in the photos so I decided to buy them (without ever listening to them) and a week later a huge and heavy box arrived to my door. Its content is the subject of this review.


As I mentioned, the Jamo S 606 HCS 3 speaker system arrived in a huge and very heavy box (the shipping weight marked as 140 pounds). A little problem – the box was dented and damaged by UPS during shipping and the left main floorstanding speaker suffered some damage, but the vendor, AcousticSoundDesign was quick to send a replacement. Amazing customer service (I detailed my experience with AcousticSoundDesign in a past article). Anyway, this time the speakers arrived in good shape, nicely wrapped in a white cloth for protection were the five speakers that are part of the Jamo S 606 HCS 3 system and the box also contained the spikes  for the two main front speakers. I did not use the spikes but their presence is a nice touch.


Technical Specs

The Jamo S 606 HCS 3 speaker system consist of 5 speakers, two S 606 floor-standing tower front speakers, full size, two surround S 602 bookshelf type satellite speakers and one S 60 CEN center speaker. The towers are marked as 130W output power, the surround and center at 80W (see the following table). Worth mentioning is that the tower’s twitter features Waveguide technology and the towers are also equipped for bi-wiring and bi-amplification if you so desire.

Specifications S 606 S 602 S 60 CEN
3-Way Bass Refl ex
2-Way Bass Refl ex
2-Way Bass Refl ex
Woofer (mm / in)
203 / 8
102 / 4
2 x 102 / 4
Midrange (mm / in)
2 x 127 / 5
Tweeter (mm / in)
25 / 1
25 / 1
25 / 1
Power ( W, long / short term)
130 / 210
80 / 130
80 / 130
Sensitivity (dB/2,8V/1m)
87 87
Frequency Range (Hz)
42 – 20.000
80 – 20.000
75 – 20.000
Cross-over Frequency (Hz)
150 / 2.500
Impedance (Ohm)
6 6 6
Weight (Kg / lb)
23,3 / 51.4
3,4 / 7.5
4,9 / 10.8
Dimension HxWxD (mm / in)
1080 x 190 x 345 /42.5 x 7.5 x 13.6
240 x 133 x 210 /9.4 x 5.2 x 8.3
133 x 400 x 210 /5.2 x 15.7 x 8.3

First impressions and build quality

Right after unpacking, what really impressed me about these speakers is how gorgeous they look like and the attention to details of the manufacturers. Just by the first look, you wouldn’t believe the entire set costs only $400, it can easily pass for a over $1000 system. All 5 speakers display a piano black glossy finish in the front and depending on the market, available in dark apple, black or white finish. I got the dark apple color that matches very well my flooring ;).


Set-up and tests

For the setup, I connected the Jamo S 606 HDC 3 system to my good old Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS, a quite nice receiver and with enough power to drive the Jamo system (the receiver has 7 x 130W with the capability to use two of the channels to supplement the front ones allowing also to get full advantage  of Jamo’s bi-wiring capabilities). I had to re-run Pioneer’s MCACC auto room equalization system again to set it up for the new speakers systems and i was in business.

Back in the days when DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD were trendier than today, I got various albums specifically to test surround systems so I got my Blue Man Group, Mike Oldfield’s  Tubular Bells (DVD audio), Beethoven’s Symphony 4 & 5 and Symphony 9, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon SACD. For testing as how the speakers are performing as a home theater system, I got Independence Day, Star Wars (to my 7 year old son’s delight) and Terminator 2 (THX version).


The Jamo S 606 HDC 3 system sounded significantly better than my old Sony systems, with much better mids and overall a far crispier sound. The side firing 8 inches subwoofer offers plenty of bass and unless you really prefer to shake the house, a subwoofer is not really necessary. The subwoofer port is located at the back of the speakers, close to the wiring connectors.

Jamo S 606 also offers a linear performance along the range of the audio sources tested and fits my quite large living room very well. While reviewing a speaker is usually a very subjective process, there are two aspects that I can say impressed me: A very crisp and articulate sound and good bass performance. Compared to them, my old SS-MF600H, a rather good budget series sounds very muddy. The center speaker offers a clear dialog and again, plenty of power, very close in performance and sound parameters to the bookshelf satellites (I think they are using the same speakers but with slightly different crossover).


  • Superb price performance ratio
  • Beautiful design and attention to details
  • Bright sound, very detailed and crisp and plenty of bass response. While I did not measure it, my subjective impression is that the bass response goes lower than the advertised 42Hz.


  • for the price paid, none, I think this is my first review when I don’t have anything to add under Cons section!


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  • Quentin O

    Ithanks for the review. I have been looking to buy this set for 3-4yrs but they are hard to find in the UK (at a reasonable price). Found them today on a 2nd hand website and can’t wait to bring them home! I had the 406 series from Jamo for a few years which proved to be an overwhelming love story and great investment.
    Cheers, Quentin

  • Aldo Reyes

    i have this set for around two years, i am very happy with them, all life speakers.


    me to i have a recevier vsx-521 runing them

  • Dave Swartz

    Just picked up a set of the 628’s with the 10″ side woofers. Remarkable clarity, punchy bass, wonderful mids and a full envelope of instrumentation. We bought these strictly for music listening. Having grown up in the era of JBL 4311’s, tube amps and amazing audio shops, I had my heart set on quality JBL’s for the living room. I have a set of JBL SVA 2100’s. Those went out in my shop and have them bi-amped with Alesis RA-100’s……nothing short of incredible but wouldn’t work in our living room.

    Our room is narrow and long, carpet, furniture..not the most ambient environment. My “Radiance Series” JBL’s just didn’t have what I longed for. They served their purpose in the other house but lacked in full body, fill the room with sound.

    Went to a speaker store where they had numerous brands and took along the IPod with an eclectic mix. Dream Theater, Tears for Fears, Dave Brubeck, Living Strings, Uriah Heep..they all shined on the 628’s. Even at low volume, the clarity was not lost and high volume, not muddy as most speakers get when loud. No ear fatigue either…simply pleasant, pleasing and full body.

    Comparing side by side with Klipsh, Polk towers, CV’s (3 different sizes) and plugged in my JBL radiance for the heck of it. The 628’s offer definition and refinement that surpassed all the other speakers in the row. They had a listening room with what I thought would be the perfect match for home: The JBL L80TC3’s. Flat, muffled sound in a box, no broadcast. Tried some Advents, some Polk. Short story, none compared sonically to the 628’s.

    Jazz, classical and well refined rock music shines with these towers. Journey, Pink Floyd, Eagles and Don Henley punched distinctive bass lines and drew out instrumentation I hadn’t heard in the past. That to me is what makes finding a great set of speakers so much fun. Hearing sounds that were otherwise lost on previous speakers.

    BTW, these are elegant. The case’s are beautifully crafted, minimal in appearance and just the right height, no stands needed. I’m quite impressed, especially at the price point.