How to install CyanogenMod 7.0 on Nook Color

Today is important because CyanogenMod dev team just released their final and stable version (7.0) for their Android Rom. You might ask: Why do I care? Well, for Nook Color owners I already have an answer: Android Gingerbread 2.3, Flash, hardware supported video playback, working HQ YouTube support, full functioning Android Market (from both Google and Amazon), overcloking capabilities, Bluetooth and many other goodies that can transform your Nook Color from a humble (albeit really cool eReader) to a full featured (minus cameras) Android tablet for really cheap.

Have I got your attention? Good, let’s proceed and see what is all about:

Note: This process will erase your SD card, and Nook Color. Don’t worry, it is very hard to brick your Nook Color thanks to its clever design that allows it to boot from an SD card and be recovered. For more info, check out our article regarding unbricking Nook Color and / or restoring it to factory state.

Prerequisites: microSD card of  2GB, 4GB or 8GB size, PC / MAC and Internet connection. Also, you will need to have your Nook Color device fully rooted but that is a process that has been beaten to death already and we have out step by step guides in our Nook Color rooting / hacks section, more specifically in the How to root your Nook Color article.

Activity 1: Install ClockworkMod Recovery

ClockworkMod Recovery is probably the most used recovery tool on Android platform. Among other things, ClockworkMod Recovery can perform various maintenance tasks including installing a new ROM, recovery of a non responsive device, installing custom packages, clear cache partitions, etc. This part of the tutorial is identical with the steps described in our How to unbrick your Nook Color article.

1. The tool is free and can be downloaded from here. At the date of writing the current tutorial, the latest version is You can also install the application from Android Market if you already rooted your Nook Color and have the market working. If you installed it from Android market, you can skip the remaining steps for Activity 1. If you didn’t, don’t 😉

2. Extract the ClockworkMod file somewhere on your Desktop or any other location you want. For example, the extracted file for the 4GB size SD card is 4gb_clockwork-0.7.img.

3. Download an application called WinImage from here. Latest version is  winima85.exe. You’ll have a 30 day evaluation period which is more than enough. Install it.

4. In WinImage, do File->Open and point to the place where you extracted the ClockworkMod tool and select the .img file you extracted. A pop-up windows will appear asking you to select the partition to connect to. Press OK.

5. Go to WinImage menu “Disk” and select Use Disk X: where X: is your micro SD drive. Replace X: with whatever drive letter Windows assigned for your SD card.

6. Go to the WinImage menu and select Restore Virtual Hard Disk Image on physical drive…It will prompt you to select a physical drive from the list. Select your microSD one.

7. Click OK, it will open a dialog prompting you to select the actual image. Navigate to your to your ClockMod tool location and select it. Follow the process to write the image on your SD card. After this step, you’ll have a bootable SD card containing the ClockworkMod Recovery tool installed.

Activity 2: Installing CyanogenMod ROM

1. Download the CyanogenMod 7.0. The filename is (md5sum: 2123c65cc49466869dafd966a73c0000) . Do not unzip it, but place it into the root of the microSD card you prepared during Activity 1. If you need to install Google Apps (market, GMail, maps) you can download the package from here (filename and also place it to the root of your microSD card.

2. Ensure the Nook is turned off, insert the newly created SD card in it and turn it back on. The Nook Color should boot from the SD card and Clockwork Recovery should start. Navigate to wipe data / factory reset followed by wipe cache partition.

Note: You can perform the back operation in Clockwork Recovery using the power button.

3.  Un-mount system and data if they are already mounted (via mounts and storage menu option). When they are un-mounted,mount system and mount data options should be available.

4:  The system should be now ready to accept the stock firmware that you downloaded at step 1. Navigate back to the main menu and select install zip from sdcard->choose zip from sdcard, scroll all the way down to the bottom and select the file that you placed on the root of the SD card during step 1. Let the Clockwork Recovery software write it on the main flash memory. Wait until is done which might take several minutes, depending of your SD card speed. Waiting times of 20 minutes have been reported.

5. If you want to install the Google Apps (market, gmail, maps)  perform step 4 again this time choosing file.

6. Navigate to mounts and storage->unmount sdcard again and after that remove the microSD  card

7. Navigate back to the main menu and choose reboot system now. After a successful reboot your Nook Color should boot into the new CyanogenMod 7.0 OS and you can start customizing it.

Note: You might experience problems including your system hanging during the first re-boot. If this happens, power it off and on again. In case something was wrong and your Nook Color is completely dead, follow our tutorial about how to restore the Nook Color and start again.

8. Tell others how it worked.