Archive | April 28, 2011

Confirmed: Hulu Plus on XBOX 360 on April 29

We knew it was coming and with PSN down for the foreseeable future, the other game console in the living room to stream Hulu Plus is…XBOX 360. The price will be the same $7.99 / month, you’ll also get a promotion for a week of viewing pleasure and to give you an early taste of movie watching and, while the service will be available only for Live Gold members, everybody (in US) will be able to watch it until May 6, even the free Silver accounts (thanks to a sponsorship by Jack Link’s Beef Jerky 🙂 ).

The new Hulu Plus for XBOX 360 will support Kinect so if you are into waving a la Minority Report, you got your wish fulfilled. Also, similar to Netflix, voice control and navigation for Hulu Plus should be available as well.

Now, considering the long history of XBOX 360 April updates, it makes sense to expect a new firmware to also arrive tomorrow.

Check after the break for Microsoft’s Press Release

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