Archive | April 21, 2011

How to watch Hulu on your Nook Color / Android device

It is no secret that Hulu doesn’t want to let you use their service from mobile devices (they just blocked BlackBerry Playbook devices) but fortunately there are various workarounds to do so. One of the ways Hulu is using to detect the device is by reading the user agent, either from the browser, from the Flash plugin or both. While is very easy to change the useragent in your web browser, it is much harder to change it in the Flash Plugin, considering that you need to modify a binary file.

Fortunately there is now a version of Flash apk that reports a desktop user agent and allows Hulu to be played / watched on your Nook Color or other Froyo running Android device. Here are the steps:

1. Ensure your Nook Color / Android device runs Android Froyo (2.2) or higher

2. Change the useragent to desktop in the browser

2. Uninstall your Flash application and install the new one. Important: This Flash apk file is not based on the latest official Flash, but it still works fine. You can download it from here. Read More…

BlackBerry PlayBook, no more Hulu for you – How to play using a workaround

Somewhat to be expected considering Hulu’s past actions but sad nonetheless. BlackBerry PlayBook tablets can no longer stream Hulu, joining a long line of portable devices that Hulu blocks.
Now, there is useless to comment why Hulu is doing this, but useful to publish a workaround that would enable Hulu access. The user 2001bmw330xi found one such solution (thank you!) and posted it on CrackBerry Forums. Basically, Hulu checks for the browser only at a certain level before posting their error message. If you can somehow get a direct link to the clip / show you want to watch, it should work ,at least for now.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Navigate to the video clip you desire to watch

Step 2: Scroll beneath the big black box where the clip should play and click on the link that allows to get a copy of the embedded code to share. Clicking embed will automatically copy the code to your clipboard. Read More…