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Gartner Analysts: Microsoft to overtake Apple in smartphone market by 2015, Android still number one

Conform to a recent study published by Gartner, in 2015 iPhone devices will fall on 3rd place in terms of market penetration while Android based smartphones will continue to lead increasing their share to almost 50%. What is more interesting however is that Microsoft with their Windows Phone 7 is predicted to climb from a mere 4.2% of the market today to a whopping 19.5% in 20155. Quite a big jump if the analysts reports are to be believed, but we do know how these reports are, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Beside the top three, Symbian platform is expected to slowly disappear, RIM to shrink as well and the rest of the market to concentrate around the big three. Now, I’ll come with my own prediction:  Based on Gartner’s report, iPhone share will grow from 15.7 to 17.2, however by 2015 when most of the apps will be available on all the main platforms and the hardware will also be similarly loaded, the market share will be dictated by handset prices Read More…

Homeland Security will use Twitter and Facebook for terror alerts

Folks, radio and television are soo yesterday even for the government. In a decidedly smart move, Homeland Security decided to use the two most popular online social venues to send alerts about incoming threats. The well known five color alerts will also be replaced with only two levels –  elevated and imminent and the system will launch on April 27th.

The recent decision is an important acknowledgment of how we get our news. Gone are the days people were watching TV to get the latest info about everything, right now a short tweet on your smartphone and you are in touch.

The alert plan, documented over 19 pages is not yet final, but before issuing an alert, you can expect a number of meetings and approvals in place. However, we can also imagine such alert system through its own particular nature will be easier to hack than let’s say a TV global alert system and what it would happen it’s not hard to imagine.

Would you follow / like the alert system?

via Yahoo News

You can now submit apps for Nook Color – Barnes and Noble market to soon be available

Well, we knew that eventually will happen and that moment is here. Barnes and Noble now allows application submission for their upcoming Nook Color App Store and also started providing new development tools to help developers in coming with their best creations. Among the new tools / documentation is access to developer mode services for app debugging, some professional support directly from B& N specialists, etc. Similar with every other app store, your application can either be paid or free but there is not yet know how the dough will split.

Here are the main advantages B&N will provide to the developers:

  • Access to “Developer Mode” services, which will enable adb (Android Debugging Bridge) access on NOOK Color to facilitate application development and debugging
  • Public and private interaction with other developers and NOOK App Developer technical experts
  • Early access to development tools, APIs, resources and services
  • An app review/acceptance process that will follow the company’s content acceptance policies as with books to ensure the content is appropriate for the Barnes & Noble customer. Read More…

Google will add channels and original content to YouTube to better compete with cable

According to an article from WSJ, Google is working to add channels to YouTube to lure new viewers and better compete with cable and other broadcasters. The home page will soon suffer some transformations adding around channels for such categories as arts or sports containing  – a first – original professional produced content, several hours each week. In an effort that resembles Netflix’s recent effort for original content, Google also plans to spend around $100 million for new content, specifically designed for the web consumption.

While certainly excellent news for us, the consumers, Google move aligns to a recent trend from web content providers to push original offerings and puts more pressure onto established players in the TV market (cable, satellite) which will have to innovate if they want to keep their market share in the future. Dish Network already bought the Blockbuster chain last week for $228 million (although it is not clear what they intend to do with them), Time Warner has an iPad app to stream live TV channels, but the cable prices keep rising prompting people to cut the cable cord and instead focus on consuming online content through services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video on Demand and YouTube.

While currently the average user spends around 15 minutes / day watching YouTube videos, if Google wants to make serious money Read More…