TetherGPS brings GPS navigation to Nook Color without Bluetooth

This is very interesting if it works as advertised. ComptonSoft just launched an application that brings GPS navigation to Nook Color (and presumably other Android tablets without GPS) not by using Bluetooth how it normally happens but by using WiFi tethering from your Android Phone.

In order to use it, you need to connect your Nook Color and HTC Evo for example to the same network or tether the Nook Color to your HTC Evo (or any other GPS capable Android smartphone). You need to install and run TGPS server on the phone and TGPS client on Nook Color. Simple as that!

All the applications residing on the Nook Color like Google Maps or the new Google Navigation will detect the GPS data and use it in the same way with an onboard GPS.

This is a very important development which yet again adds to the value of the cheap but cable Nook Color tablet. TetherGPS launched today and is available for $2.99 in Android Market. A “Lite” version for testing should also be available later today.

The only thing missing at this point is a server that would also work on the iPhone. Given enough time, it might very well happen.


-Mock locations on the client device must be enabled.  Settings>Applications>Development>Allow mock locations.
-GPS location must be enabled on both devices.
-Use the TGPS Client and TGPS Server widgets to enable the services
Check after the break for a demo video (thanks to acomiskey on XDA).